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With a striking name such as benaughty, it can certainly spark interest and pique curiosities here and there. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Welcome to


A dating site for hookups between singles and couples alike. You can actually view people who are already online and accessible for chatting.

If you are the type of person who would rather move past the typical conventional introductory greetings such as the normal hi’s and hello’s and just want to dive in right away, then this site may be the one for you!

Now giving you more fun and spontaneous experience, BeNaughty’s rules are very easy and simple: “if you want it, then you can like it, if not, then simply skip it”. Yes, indeed—it’s that plain and simple.

True to its name, the website actually encourages its members to simply enjoy the ride of fun and definitely “naughty” experience to the max!

Its USP (unique selling point) is making it simple and deliver the goods. The site is intended to be a channel for the more adventurous side of the dating game: threeways, hookups, and all those beyond the typical sexual fantasies you may be secretly craving for. True, the site has already made it simple to set and manage everyone’s expectations right off the bat.

As long as everyone is already consenting adults, and they know what they are getting into, then let the fun sexy games begin!


And usually, members who come and frequent this site are not exactly in this for a long term or permanent commitment. And this is even perfect for people who are already tired of playing coy, best foot forward or the “great pretender” just like they would do in the usual dating sites. The BeNaughty experience aims to be different from the pack and wants its members to try something new.


This site is largely composed of female members that are the most active on this website. Who knew that more and more women are now more open to these kinds of dating ideas of hookups and all? Though that may come as a surprise, well, as they say, times indeed have changed as seen on the stats. Not to mention that females on this site too are more active ones than their male counterparts. So, which means that this site is a good avenue for single men looking for women sharing similar intentions.

Pass their Photo Test First

But before you could truly acquire access BeNaughty’s functionalities, you need to pass their photo test first. They require you to upload at least a single picture of yours which has never been uploaded on the website before. The site creators also check if your pictures have duplicates and they never permit one picture to be utilized in more than a single account. And your picture must not violate their rules and policies like that of containing nudity, porn or making use of the celebrity pictures as profile pictures. And they also verify if someone is trying to create new or many accounts while using different emails. That’s why this site going to great lengths like this to secure members’ identities to protect them against fake profiles or victims of hackers.

The chat and messaging features of BeNaughty somewhat resemble that of those well known social media profiles which pop up each time you receive one. But there is a catch! And a rather big one!


If you are a male, you cannot respond to these messages if you are just using a basic account. Good thing for females, they can still send messages for free. Aha, so this is how they make money. Its contacting functions enable the sending as well as receiving of the pictures and videos. Most messages you receive are straight to the point and will ask for an exchange of pictures or videos (or both) right away.

Make sure that you upload your real and genuine photos as BeNuaghty is really strict when it comes to photos. That is why you can be rest assured that all of the pictures on the site are real on people’s profiles. You can even upload an album of your images but just be sure that these are not duplicated since the website only permits one photo to be posted one time. The profile information given is direct to the point. And take note that some of the details or information of the members could be fully unlocked if you upgrade to a full membership.