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Sex Messenger Overview 2024

For guys like me, chat programs like AIM might seem ages away. Sex Messenger is the next generation of this style of communication – but with a much more grown up feel. Sex Messenger is a downloadable program that helps you find local singles in your area who are looking to hook up. You can chat, exchange photos, create blog entries and connect with singles (or couples) in your area that want a no strings attached evening. The easy to use program is discreet and easy to install.

Sex Messenger

SexMessenger in A Nutshell

  • SexMessenger is recognized as one of the largest adult social platforms globally with 4Millions Users
  • There's an option to use SexMessenger for FREE
  • The service allows users to enjoy and share imaginative adult narratives, engage in community games, and helpful content
  • Subscription pricing begins at $14.95 per month for more details.
  • Offers premium memberships with two different time frames.
  • Free users have access to certain features that can help them find a match.
  • Exclusive forums and adult chat options are available to premium subscribers.
  • It's designed to work seamlessly on devices of all screen sizes.

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How Does SexMessenger Work for Lonely Man?

SexMessenger combines the features of a social media network and a member directory, offering users a multifaceted platform for connecting. Users can search for potential partners using the directory and then add them to their friends list. This action enables access to their new friends' status updates, photo uploads, and blog entries, all of which appear on the user's main news feed. Engaging with these posts through comments is a way to draw attention to oneself.

While messaging capabilities are reserved for premium members, expressing interest by commenting on posts and sending likes is still a viable strategy for finding a match. For those interested in more casual interactions, SexMessenger provides live video streams, allowing users to participate in adult-oriented fun online without the need for direct engagement.

how to create account for sexmessenger

How to Sign Up for SexMessenge

Joining SexMessenger is straightforward and doesn't take much time. All that's required from you is a valid email address, along with choosing a username and password. Once you hit the ‘Finish’ button, however, you're taken to what appears to be the member's area of SexMessenger, which oddly is This switch in URLs raises concerns about the legitimacy of this process, as it's unclear why there would be a need to redirect to a different domain without explanation.

Upon landing on the homepage, users have the ability to peruse member profiles and view home feed posts, even without having verified their email address or profile, which is concerning.

Additionally, there's a noticeable lack of consistency in branding between SexMessenger and The latter opts for a distinct set of colors and graphics to present its features, diverging from what one might expect based on SexMessenger's presentation.

SexMessenge Program Features

Sex Messenger is an easy to download program that allows you to chat with other signed in members. The majority of the members of Sex Messenger are singles looking for a no strings attached one-night stand, as well as couples looking to round out a threesome. After inputting your zip code, the geo locating software in Sex Messenger will display these members within a given distance from your location. You can choose to chat with them in a live setting as well as send them messages through the in-program mailing system.

Members also have the ability to create blog entries – many use these to go into greater detail of what exactly they’re looking for. One of the most popular options for paid members is the webcam to webcam connections where you can chat real time with the users before hooking up in real life. Profiles are detailed, so it’s easy to narrow down to find the type of person you’re in the mood for.

The program features for SexMessenger and Fuckbook provides a variety of ways for users to interact within these platforms, although many key features are restricted to premium-paying members. Here's a summary of the available primary features:

  1. Messaging & Chat: This allows users to send messages or chat with online users. Access to this feature is exclusive to those who have a premium membership.
  2. Search: The platform offers a search function with various filters such as location, sex, age, and more, enabling users to find other members based on specific criteria.
  3. Sex Forum: A space where users can ask any type of question or participate in discussions by answering other members' questions, fostering a community of shared knowledge and interests.
  4. Add Friends: Users can send friend requests to profiles they find interesting and accept requests from others to grow their 'Friends' list, enhancing their social network within the platform.
  5. Blog Posts: Users can publish blog posts to share with the community. These posts can be commented on by others, allowing for free and open conversations among the community members.
  6. Send Gift: This feature enables users to send virtual gifts to other members, acting as digital pick-up lines. Sending gifts requires a premium membership.
  7. Status Updates: Members can post updates on their profiles, which may appear in the home feeds of others. This feature also allows for viewing and commenting on status updates from other members, facilitating further interaction.

Here are the additional advanced  features that distinguish SexMessenger compared to other hookup dating sites:

  • Live Cams: Members can watch live adult content by being redirected to an affiliated site, requiring registration for a free account.
  • Sex Chat: Redirects to a site where registration is required to access sex chat rooms.
  • Porn Pics: Users are redirected to a site to browse free porn photos.
  • Find Love: This feature connects users to a different affiliated URL, aiming to match like-minded individuals for potential romantic connections.
  • VR Porn: Leads to a site where users can access VR porn, but this comes with a cost.
  • Free Porn App: Redirects users to an external site offering free porn videos.
  • Adult Sex Games: Offers interactive adult games through a suspicious site that opens several ad tabs with each click.
  • Karma Boost: A premium feature that enhances a user's visibility on the platform.
  • Icebreaker: This feature allows sending a single message to multiple users simultaneously.

SexMessenger Layout

SexMessenger interface will be very familiar with folks who have used ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and even the older AIM services. Since it’s not a full-screen website, Sex Messenger is discreet and easy to hide for those less-than-private settings. Seeing who is available in your area is very simple, and you’ll also get notifications when new ones join Sex Messenger. The free options are rather extensive, and you can easily use the basic program without upgrading.

Pricing and Fees at SexMessenger

SexMessenger free vs paid version differences

Downloading the SexMessenger app is totally free. You can also use its basic features without having to spend any money. By paying for a VIP membership – as low as $19.95 per month – you can access additional options like member to member web cam chatting, unlimited text based messages, and the ability to add favorites to your chat screen.

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SexMessenger Cost Comparison

SexMessenger provides options for premium membership with either monthly or quarterly periods. Opting for the quarterly plan allows you to save over 50% off the cost. Regardless of whether you select the quarterly or monthly billing cycle, your membership will automatically renew at the same rate and period.

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SexMessenger Pros & Cons


SexMessenger offers several notable advantages for its users. Firstly, the platform ensures a swift and hassle-free registration process that is completed in less than a minute, making it extremely convenient for new users to get started. 

Additionally, it allows users to engage with the community by posting status updates and commenting on others' posts at no extra charge, fostering a vibrant and interactive environment. 

Moreover, the service is enhanced by a variety of special features that users can take advantage of, further enriching the user experience on the platform.


Because the program is app based, if you use multiple devices, you’ll have to download the app on each device. (Although you can have one profile across all those apps.) The program itself – while very familiar and easy to use – it a bit out dated in look and feel. This isn’t so much a dating app as it is one for hook-ups, so it’s not for the guys with the long term relationship in mind.

Our Honest Opinion on Sex Messenger

Hookup software is all the rage at the moment, with Sex Messenger being the throwback to what we’re familiar with. The setup is discreet without being annoying to use and can easily be downloaded on multiple computers. The free options make it easy to get that no strings attached connection you’re looking for, with the paid options making it that much more simple. I’ve not found anything like Sex Messenger on the market that does the job as well as this one night stand chat service does.

SexMessenger FAQs

1) What is SexMessenger?

SexMessenger is an adult-oriented chat and dating platform designed to facilitate connections and interactions among its users, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. It offers features such as live shows, blogs, forums, and stories for users to engage with and comment on. 

The platform has a significant user base, with sexually explicit content and the ability to conduct high-quality live video chats and broadcasts being highlighted as key features. A premium account is necessary to interact fully, especially with live chats or broadcasts. The service aims primarily at straight men aged between 22 and 34 looking to connect for casual encounters, allowing for customized search results to find members interested in specific kinks or preferences​

2) What is a Fuckbook?

Fuckbook serves as the redirection site for members of SexMessenger.

3) How do I message other members on SexMessenger?

To message other members on SexMessenger, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • Create an Account: If you haven't already, you'll need to sign up and create an account on SexMessenger. This usually involves providing some basic information and possibly verifying your email address.
  • Complete Your Profile: Fill out your profile with details that you're comfortable sharing. A complete profile can make it easier for other members to find you and feel more inclined to message you.
  • Search for Members: Use the search function to find other members. You can often search based on location, interests, and other criteria that match what you're looking for.
  • Initiate Contact: Once you find a member you're interested in messaging, look for a message button or a way to initiate contact on their profile. This might be a direct message (DM) option or something similar.

4) Is Fuckbook identical to SexMessenger?

Yes, they are identical.

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