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The resurgence of many chat rooms has been happening in the porn industry. There’s Chatzy, there’s and now we will discuss Adult FriendFinder. With the tagline, “The World’s Number One Sex and Swinger Community” with 378 Live Broadcasts, 98,897,765 Hot Photos and 4,706,391 Connections, not to mention a few awards, Adult FriendFinder is worth the look. Let us check the basics, its main features and what major features that make this website win the award for # Adult Dating Site.

What Is Adult FriendFinder?

Adult FriendFinder is a dating site with multiple features that will provide not just viewing pleasure but various sexual and fetishist adventures. Upon entering the website, you will see the basic features.

  • Home
  • Browse
  • Hookup
  • Live Chat
  • Dating Forums
  • Help

The main page will tell you that Adult FriendFinder specializes in people searching for

  • Traditional partners
  • Swingers
  • Threesomes
  • Other Alternative Partners
  • Adult FriendFinder, nonetheless has these special features:
  • Adult Dating
  • Nude Cam Chat
  • AFF Sex Community.
  • But this website has a lot to offer and it’s good if we look at three major features.
  • The Browse Option

The Browse Option will lead you to the profiles of various girls or guys living in your country and upon clicking on them, it will lead you to the link where you can register for a free membership.

Looking at the profile will make you check out four important options within the profile. These are:

  • Message
  • Flirt
  • Hotlist
  • Add As Friend

Register and you can start with this sooner than later.

The Hookup Option

Another major feature of Adult FriendFinder lies in the Hookup Option. Click on this and you will find it is divided into four other categories

  • Casual Sex
  • Swingers
  • Threesome
  • Cybersex

Click on any of these four categories and you will see various write-ups about the categories and the link that will lead you to register for the free membership.

The Dating Forums Option

Another major feature of Adult FriendFinder is the Dating Forums option. Click on this and you will find the option divided into four categories.

  • AFF Dating Blog
  • AFF Communities
  • Erotic Stories
  • Magazine
  • Member Blogs

The great thing about this feature is that Adult FriendFinder showcases writings and blogs both by guest writers and chat room members.  Here are a few titles from the blog section.

  • Five Tips for Hooking Up At Work.
  • How To Have Sex In Public - Five Easy Steps
  • A Beginner’s Guide To Bondage
  • How To Turn Potential Dates Into Bed-Mates With Your Online Dating Profile
  • Other Special Features

Nonetheless, let us take a closer look at Adult FriendFinder’s special features. Advertised at the main page of the website is Adult FriendFinder’s Live Sex Cam and AFF Community. You can choose which video to view based on the following categories.

  • Gender-  Female, Male, and Transgender
  • Age- 18 to 19, 21 to 25, 25 to 40 and Mature
  • Ethnicity - Asian Girls, Ebony Girls, White Girls, Indian Girls, and Middle Eastern.
  • Specialty-  Couples, Live College Girls, Threesomes Cams and MILF
  • Hair Color - Black, Blonde Girls, Brunette Girls and Redheads

The AFF Sex Community, on the other hand, focuses on various communities within Adult FriendFinder where apart from the blogs discussed above, you can also be a part of reading Sex Stories and the blog entries of various members.

What Makes It Different From Other Websites

What makes Adult FriendFinder stand out is the fact that among the other chat and porn sites, Adult FriendFinder has a lot of features apart from live chats, chat rooms, and porn videos. Given that the registration is free, Adult FriendFinder is not just building a chat room for hookups but for various meetups, sex and dating categories. This website vows to build a community and not just a website.

Feedback from Other Websites

The website has called Adult FriendFinder “A Porn-tastic Hookup Site for Open Minded People”, focusing on the categories of:

  • Sex
  • Finding Matches
  • Adding Friends on Your Profile

It shows the success and popularity this site will continue to have in the near future.

Other Media and Social Media Presence

  • Adult FriendFinder is one of the many websites who has maintained a consistent presence in social media.
  • Adult FriendFinder has maintained its presence on Twitter.
  • Adult FriendFinder even has a Wikipedia account.


It’s one thing to say that chat sites are returning. Adult FriendFinder has not just brought chat sites but other wonderful and innovative features for the viewers. You can find your category for matches, dating, and sex. You can chat. You can watch live webcams. You can even write sex stories and blog entries. Go check it out for yourself.

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