Check Out These Ass Cam Girls You’d Definitely Like To Spank

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Literally, every cam girl has an ass. It's how they flaunt it in front of the camera that matters though. What makes an ass cam girl? Well, in our opinion, it's one that is able to use their asses as their biggest asset both in their live cams and sometimes in porn. It depends on opinion sometimes. Since all people have asses, we just compiled those that suited our preference. Whenever we come across ass searches, we tend to come across these girls a lot. Now it's time to talk about these girls and why their asses seem to be so special to many. Well, at least to us.

Lena Spanks

Lena Spanks lives up to what her name is based on this video. She likes spanking her ass a lot because that is the sexual fantasy she tends to please often.
She's quite an entrepreneur when it comes to her own body because she's both a cam model and pornstar. She likes testing her limits too so you can expect her to be plugging things into her ass as you go deep into her streams.
What else should we look forward to when it comes to Lena? It's for her to know and us to find out what her next move is in her cam shows. You'll find out why we classified her as an ass cam girl.


We'll be honest. We chose Nbabyxox based on the thumbnail of her video since it was bearing her ass. We didn't regret such a decision because once we watched the video, we loved how this MILF performs.
She's pretty stingy with her fans though as she's not much into mingling outside her live streams. Why does this cam girl still have fans? It's because of her ass!
The way she uses her ass in her performances means she commands a lot of attention. Just don't spank it when you see her in public because she's one of those who surely won't take it as a joke.

XO Bunny

XO Bunny could have been anyone she wanted to be but chose to be a pornstar instead. That means she does live cams too and she's got the ass to make this list!
She found her true calling at the age of 18 when she finally settled on wanting to be a Playboy model. She became a bunny of her own a year later as she discovered she could handle herself alone with her looks.
That explains why she's such a star. This bunny has dropped tons of exclusive content, as well as her free content that is enough to satisfy us on a good horny day.
What defines XO Bunny as such an ass cam model? It's the fact that she loves farts and scat. Mind you, that's such a fetish not everyone would dare do.

Assy Lena

Can't it be more assy than Assy Lena? The name alone makes her already an ass cam girl by default. That said, there's not much to say about her because she delivers on her name even in her performances. When Assy Lena performs, everyone tunes un on her ass because they want to see something plugged in her butt side. We're even having anal fantasies just writing about her. That's something that draws us to her. What else can we say? Lena is baring it all out there already.


A big black ass and a love for a big black cock dildo. Her name is SwirlLife 101 and she's one of the best ass cam girls in our opinion. We'd just want to note here that despite the big ass, she needed to oil it for that dildo.