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Cosplay Porn

Do you have a fetish for people in cosplay outfits?  Well, several years ago, this kind of fetish didn’t even exist. But who knows? Some men might have the urge to fap on a person in a Spiderman costume or something like that before. We’ll never know.  But recently, the cosplay industry was put on the spotlight through different shows and events like Comiconn. And I guess Reddit and other social media sites have helped in making it mainstream.  I have to admit that this is now my new favorite porno genre. Before, I was really into redhead pornstars. But now, these cosplay pornstars are always taking me to the edge of my seat.  It doesn’t even matter how good or bad their dresses are because they all look cute. Their bodies are definitely to die for so it’s no surprise that many men are worshipping these cosplay goddesses. Since I’m really addicted to them, I have prepared here an awesome collection of cosplay porn movies that you might also enjoy. Have fun! 

AmieChan - Rainbow Dash

Let’s warm up with this hottie that you might not be really familiar with. She’s cosplaying one of the characters in My Little Pony named Rainbow Dash.  Aah… she looks so sexy, right? I know that anyone can buy rainbow-colored lingerie and pretend to be Rainbow Dash. But man, this girl sure knows how to entice her viewers. To be honest, I really enjoyed how she played with herself using her blue dildo. She might be an amateur but she seems to know what she’s doing. 

Hidori Rose - Kyoko Kirigiri

Now, what do we have here? Oh, it’s Hidori Rose cosplaying Kyoko Kirigiri from the Danganronpa series.  The first thing that I noticed here is the weird fake dildo that shoots cum every once in a while. I’m not sure if that turns you; I’m not sure if it turns me on either. I don’t know, it’s just strange.  Fake cum shots are a thing but it seems like she technically has a hose inserted inside her asshole that shoots juice. But yeah, whatever. As long as the chick looks gorgeous, I’ll surely enjoy watching this porno. 

Riley Steele - Tinkerbell & Vicki Chase - Tigerlily

In the first two videos, I introduced you to amateur pornstars. So now, let’s go to the professional ones that can make you cum in no time. I’m pretty sure that you might be familiar with these two: Riley Steele and Vicki Chase.  And I also have a good feeling that you’re familiar with what they’re trying to cosplay. Of course, it’s Peter Pan. Oh, it brings back a lot of childhood memories.  Anyway, I really thought that Tinkerbell might be fucking giant dicks because she’s very small. At least, they found a cock that’s just the right size for the fairy and the princess. 

Mia Bandini - Overwatch

Wow! This girl is on fire. She definitely fucks hard and there’s no denying that she’s a pro. Just look at how she rode that huge cock. Her on-screen partner is one lucky devil.  If you’re not familiar with her outfit, this is a cosplay for Overwatch which is one of the best games from Blizzard.  Anyway, do you have any idea where I can get this costume? I’d love to get one for my girlfriend. 

Stella Cox - Star Wars Parody

First things first --- I have to commend Danny (the guy in the video) for his excellent acting skills. He’s the one responsible for most of the awesome porn parodies in the adult entertainment industry. Some people even call him the Leonardo DiCaprio of the porno world.  I can still remember when pornography was very simple. Now, they have a lot of special effects and amazing costumes. 

Carter Cruise - Super Woman

Look at how Super Woman seduces Brainiac into having some butt play with her. Well, what can I say, some women are men’s downfall. If only she thought of killing him while he’s enjoying the sizzlin’ hot sex But I guess she enjoyed it too. We can’t blame her as Brainiac banged her so hard that she may not be able to use her powers afterward. 

Peta Jensen - Black Widow

Oh, my! Black Widow, what are you doing? I think Captain America’s charm has also worked on her. I just hope that the other Avengers won’t know about this, especially Hawkeye. I’m pretty sure that it’d break his heart.  I didn’t know that Black Widow is very good at oral sex. How I wished I can switch places with Captain America, so I can experience being sucked by an Avenger.  Aah… this is so hot, man! Those boobies are also very erotic. I’d love to touch them. 

Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelio

Wow! I’d love to bang that ass if given the chance. I might even insert a dildo inside that lovely pussy This porno is almost perfect. What bothers me is she has her eyes crossed and her tongue out the entire time. I don’t know what that is for. But maybe it’s part of the act as I’m really not familiar with the character she’s trying to cosplay.  Overall, I give this 8/10. 

Kleio Valentien - Star Wars Parody

I’m speechless right now! I can only imagine how busy the team behind this porno in making this scene extraordinarily believable. I mean, look at the details man!  Putting on the outfit and doing her makeup can take hours. Kudos to Digital Playground for rocking this porn movie. 

Riley Reid - Harley Quinn

Oh, yes! My favorite pornstar. Is she also one of your favorites? If so, you might go crazy on this one. Riley Reid in the Harley Quinn costume.  Riley looks freaking wild and insane on this one. So yeah --- she’s the perfect Harley Quinn. It might be really nice to have a one-night stand with her.  Best combo ever! The hottest pornstar and the craziest chick in the fiction world.

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