FetLife Review


Fetish dating is fun if you get the right partner. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a suitable fetish date in real life, and that's where online dating comes in. However, most people are afraid of online dating since nowadays, the internet is full of untrustworthy people.

FetLife is different, and it will help you find the perfect fetish date. This review will help you understand more about this dating site.

Introduction to FetLife

This site is well secured and fun to use. One thing you will notice once you visit the site is you cannot view a person's profile if you don't have a profile yourself. It is the opposite of Instagram and Facebook. It is a members' only website. If you are not a member, you cannot enjoy it. It

Signing Up

It is effortless to sign up on FetLife. It just requires you to have a phone where a verification code can be sent. Once you verify your membership, you are good to go. While signing up, the sites prompt some kinks and fetishes you might like. You can join whichever group you want.

Joining the platform is free, and you get to enjoy most of what the site has to offer. However, you need to pay five dollars to enjoy videos on the platform. You can enjoy everything else for free.


The features of a website are what make or destroy it. If the features are excellent, many people love the site. Well, FetLife has fantastic features, so it comes as no surprise that it has thousands of members from all over the world.

Their main dashboard feels like an established platform. You know, like Twitter or Facebook. It shows you all the activities of your friends. Like for example if she added some new friends.

The follow feature is mostly for famous people on the platform. Members with so many friend requests that they cannot add you even if they wanted to. With the follow feature, you can see the updates of your crush. You get all the privileges her friends get.

One feature that you are likely to love is the discussion groups. These groups are made to cater to your sexual preferences or your location. You can join a group with members from your area or members who have sexual fantasies as you. It is easier to find a date in these groups than befriending a person.

The platform also offers the members lots of free adult content. You can get pornographic content on FetLife for free.

Safety and Security

FetLife is a very secure platform. Your data is safe, and you have nothing to worry about. They will not sell your information to third parties. This means your searches on the platform can't affect the type of ads you receive.

Your communications are SSL-encrypted. Your details are safe even from the authorities. You can trust them with your information as long as you are not a criminal. Because if they are served with a court order, they will have to give out your details.

Pricing and Membership

As stated before, joining this platform is free. However, you might want to pay a few dollars if you want to get the best out of this site. Don't panic, though, the cost of membership is very reasonable. With a premium membership, you can do anything on the site, even watching videos. The cost of membership is as follows:

  • Lifetime Membership is $240
  • A 6-month membership is 30 dollars
  • A one-year membership is 60 dollars
  • 2-year membership costs 120 dollars

FetLife Customer Support

FetLife has excellent customer support. They are always online to help you. You can email customer support or call them via their hotline number. They will serve you diligently.

FetLife Mobile App

If you don't want to use the website, you can try their app. The app is available on Playstore, and you can find it on the App store. It is free to download.


  • Free to use
  • Worth your money if you choose a premium membership
  • Supportive community
  • Lots of kinks on the platform. You will always find something to enjoy


  • Some members don't show their faces
  • Automatic renewal of membership.


FetLife is a fantastic site for anyone looking for a fetish dating site. It has lots of members and lots of kinks. However, they have not taken extreme measures to lock out scammers, so there are a few scammers on the platform. It is an excellent site, though. A wonderful place to find a fetish date.