Jasmine Grey Is Such a Cutie Patootie Pornstar

Jasmine Grey nude

  • Born: April 11, 1995
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 4’9” (144 cm)
  • Bra Size: 32A
Women in the porn industry come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. And if you ask me, that’s freaking great. We don’t have to stick to one chick during our fapping sessions as we got many options now to choose from.  Every time I visit my fave tube site, I always search for big boob babes. Perhaps some of you might be guilty of doing the same. I can’t blame you, as those luscious goodies deserve all the attention they can get.  Whenever I see a nice pair of tits, I can’t help but get a huge hard-on. It seems like nothing could make my package calm down but an intense masturbation session.  However, you might want to leave some of your cum and energy for those fabulous petite gals in the biz. They deserve all the lovin’ too! In fact, I’ve noticed the demand for these vixens is continually increasing. So, it’s no surprise that several new bombshells invade the industry every month.  So, if you’re into small-framed sirens, Jasmine Grey can be your perfect virtual jerk off partner. Her little body and small titties can make you drool all over the place.  Now, it’s time to get to know this cutie better. 

A jaw-dropping petite to rock your pervy soul

Jasmine was born on April 11, 1995, in the United States. The exact city of her birthplace is unknown, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’ll share it with us soon.  When I saw her for the very first time, I realized she’s my “dream girl.” She’s short, slender, and freaking sexy. With that body, she’d be ideal for some dominant-submissive relationship. Try to picture in your mind how sizzlin’ hot she’d look wearing a latex outfit, with her hands tied on your bedposts.  It’d even be better if she starts calling you “sir,” “master,” or “daddy.” She’s a gorgeous girl with mesmerizing hazel eyes. Word of advice? Don’t stare at her for too long as she might make you fall so deeply in love with her and there’s no looking back!  Jasmine got a bombastic physique that’d arouse anyone, regardless of gender. Her little bazooms, the size of 32A, are looking so adorable. I can lick ‘em all day and all night if she lets me.  Oh, I think it’s also worth mentioning both of her nipples are pierced — made her even more irresistible.  She got a firm and round booty that’s just the right size. How I wished I can give Jasmine the spanking she deserves. I can only imagine how sweet her moans would be music to my ears.  Before she invaded the porno world, she worked as a webcam performer first. And till now, she’s still hosting some saucy live shows you might not want to miss. But of course, she’s not as active in the camming industry like before.  According to Jasmine, it’s hard to turn her back on her first XXX job. After all, it gave her considerable experience to help with her transition to being a pro adult star.  So far, that’s everything I’ve gathered about this yummylicious goddess’ personal life. Let’s hope for more exciting stories in the near future.   

Achieve the best orgasm ever!

Jasmine began flaunting her delish bod in 2016. Well, she has every reason to do so as her body’s a wonderland — as what John Mayer sings.  Most of her scenes are under the hardcore and solo niches.  If I were you, I’d take the time tonight to check out some of her porn movies. Once you do, you might see why she’s been attracting a huge following ever since entering the porno world.  Jasmine is born to perform and get wild in bed. She got top-notch skills and talents that’d put the veterans to shame.  What’s impressive about this naughty babe is she can take monster-sized dicks in her tiny pussy. She lets them stretch her honeypot oh-so-good for her. If only I can take her on-screen partners’ place, I’d happily do it — without any doubts or second thoughts.  I wouldn’t miss the chance to be with her, especially when I found out she’s a badass performer who has mastered the art of cock riding.  Not to mention her fellatio skills are unmatched. You might cum in just a matter of seconds when you look intently into her tantalizing eyes.  You might not be with her physically, but you’d feel like you are. It’d be like you’re on the receiving end even though you’re miles away from her.  She enjoys it so much when her sex partner cums on her charming face or tight vag hole. 

Here’s my final say

Jasmine got everything you’d want in a petite pornstar. So, go ahead and add her to your favorites list.