Karla Kush: Babelicious Bisexual Blonde

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I love babes of all shapes, sizes, and hair color. But, I have to say that blondes hold a special place in my heart. Yep, I’m obsessed with fair-haired beauties since day one. Fortunately, the porno world is full of them. All you might need to do is choose a favorite — or maybe two. I mean, there’s no limit in choosing how many girls you would be fapping to every night. But wait… please, don’t get me wrong. Just because I’m into blonde vixens so much doesn’t mean that redhead girls and brunette chicks aren’t hot. They’re just as alluring, but I guess it’s just a matter of preference. Since I got a crazy fascination with blondes, I searched all over the internet for “The One.” And I found her — her name is Karla Kush!I think this would be the perfect time to introduce her to you.

Who is Karla Kush?

Karla was born on the 19th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada, or also known as “the city of sin.” The blood that’s running through her veins is a mixture of Hungarian, Swedish, Welsh, Swiss, German, French, and Austrian ancestry. That’s very interesting, don’t you think? When her parents divorced, her dad had to move to Texas and eventually lived in different cities. She was only 10 years old during that time. Although she technically grew up in Vegas, she has also spent a lot of time in Texas. In fact, she went to high schools in Las Vegas and Texas. So yeah, she moved around a lot due to her parents’ divorce. In school, her favorite extracurricular activity is theater. Karla is also good at figure skating because she took skating lessons for one and a half years.  When she was 14 years old, she worked as a nanny. She only quit her job when she became a professional pornstar. She also lost her virginity at this age. At an early age, Karla already knew that she’s bisexual, which means she was fooling around with both girls and boys back then. However, she really didn’t feel comfortable about her sexuality that she tried so hard to hide it for sooo many years before she joined the industry. So, as a young girl, she made sure to sleep with more boys than girls. And before porn, she has slept with no less than 30 people. Yeah, that’s how wild our sex kitten was — I mean, she still is today! At 18, she moved to Seattle, Washington where she met and married a soldier. Unfortunately, they got divorced not long after. [modula id="2408"]

Karla Kush’s porn career

If there’s one thing I might want to tell you about myself, it’s that I’m into big-tit ladies. But I guess Karla is an exception. Her natural boobies may not be that enormous, but she got a well-proportioned petite body. And boy, does she look great! Before she made her debut in the adult filming industry, she tried camming for six months first. Her superb performances during her shows have opened a new door for her. Apparently, someone noticed her, and she got a call. They said that they wanted to represent Karla. This blonde and fit lady asked for her boyfriend’s opinion, and he was very supportive. He even encouraged her to give it a go.  So, in 2013, she made her official debut in the industry and shot her first scene for Team Skeet. Since then, she has worked for other popular porn productions such as Evil Angel, 21 Sextury, Nubiles, When Girls Play, Naughty America, New Sensations, Girls Way, Blacked, Reality Kings, Tushy, and Elegant Angel. Oh, I think you might also want to know that Karla is an ultimate squirting machine. She was even awarded for that.  In 2016, she won an award under the Super Squirter category at the Spank Bank Awards.  According to Karla, her favorite girl-on-girl scene was the one where she collaborated with Riley Reid. As for the boy-on-girl scene, her fave is the one with Daniel Hunter. She even admitted she got a huge crush on Daniel, so being able to sleep with him was such a dream cum true.  If you need a recommendation on what film of Karla you should watch, you might want to check out “Cute Little Babysitter 4” with Eric Everhard. It was sooo good, man. I guess the fact that she has worked as a nanny before has really helped. She didn’t have a hard time internalizing her role.

Karla Kush’s private life

Like what I mentioned earlier, Karla is a confirmed bisexual. When she joined the porno world, that’s only the time she felt comfortable about her sexuality. She didn’t have to hide it anymore, and she can show her true self with confidence.  In 2015, she won “Not ‘Gay for Pay’ But Bi Every Day” at the Spank Bank Awards. When Karla is not shooting any porn movies, she likes cooking healthy meals and drawing. She’s also a pet lover — she got a turtle and two cats.  When it comes to music, she prefers old country music, classic rock, and indie rock. Singers that she likes, in particular, are Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Karla is also a big fan of classic movies, foreign movies, and documentaries. In the future, she’s planning to buy some farmland where she can live a decent and peaceful life. And of course, the land would be intended for growing organic food that she would consume for the rest of her happy life. [modula id="2409"]

Karla Kush’s mouth-watering nudes

Aah… finally! I know you’ve been waiting for this moment. Some of you might have even skipped to this part of the article to savor Karla’s sexiness. I handpicked these nude images to ensure you’ll be ogling at the best erotic pics of our blonde goddess. I want the best for my bros. So, hopefully, these can make you cum hard tonight. Here’s my final say Karla is truly a heaven-sent beauty, don’t you think? Need more of the good stuff for your fapping adventure tonight? You can check out these amateur webcam porn videos!