Marilyn Sugar: A Blonde Czech Stunner

Marilyn Sugar

There’s an abundance of blonde babes in the porn industry, and I’m always rejoicing on that fact. I mean, what’s not to like about these blonde vixens who are always up and ready to give you one hell of a show? Whether it’s in the camming world or in adult films.  I’ve to admit that I have a lot of favorites and one of them is Marilyn Sugar. She’s a real cutie that might make a lot of men cum in their pants in a matter of seconds! When I first saw her, I instantly knew I would be spending lots of erotic nights with her. I might not be with her physically, but she’ll always be one of the reasons why my package is throbbing inside my pants.  If you share the same fantasies as mine, then you may want to know about this wonderful chick. Don’t worry, I’m not selfish at all, especially when it comes to my porn bros.  In this article, I’ll be telling you everything I know about Marilyn. So, get comfy on your bed or couch, and prep yourself for all the fantastic stuff she got for you.

Who is Marilyn Sugar?

Marilyn Sugar Marilyn Sugar is also known as Hana A, Marilyn Moore, Marilyn S, or Mary. Yes, this girl got lots of aliases. But apparently, she loves being called Marilyn because she’s a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe.  She was born on the 18th of October 2000, in Tabor which is a small town in the Czech Republic.  With just one glance at her attractive face, you’ll notice that she’s a really cute gal with a natural and silky blonde hair, an alluring smile, and mesmerizing blue eyes. She’s 5’4” tall and weighs 90 lbs.  When I look at her full body photos, I can see she’s freaking hot from head to toe. She got small titties with the size of 32B and a breathtaking firm ass.  Marilyn is one of those girls who got tattoos all over. So yeah, her bod is a beautiful work of art. And I guess, it’s worth mentioning every single tattoo she got.  On her left ankle is a small paw print, on the toes of her left foot are different ankh and skull symbols, on the inside of her right ankle is a small fish, across the top of her right foot is an intricate mandala style design, on the toes of her right foot are various peace and cross symbols, and on her lower right leg is a small symbol.  Well, that’s a lot of tattoos, right?  But wait… there’s more!  On the front of her right thigh is a small leaf, on the front of her lower right leg is a small pill, on the inside of her left forearm is a woman sitting in the lotus yoga pose, on the outer side of her left forearm is a small alien head, on the other side of her left forearm is an “M+” design (the logo of Million+ which is a rap label), across the knuckles of her left hand is some design, and on the inside of her right forearm is an elephant’s head.  However, if you’re a perv like me, the tattoos that may grab your attention are the ones near her groin area. On the left side of her groin is a flame symbol, while on the right side of her groin is a “Bad Girl” script. That’s pretty badass, don’t you think? Marilyn even has a piercing on her right nostril which makes her look like a bad, bad girl! If you ask me, I think she’s a bad woman who is perfectly good in bed.  Anyway, she’s a student, and she believes she’s at the right age to try everything she wants.

Marilyn Sugar adult film career

Marilyn Sugar With Marilyn’s nice and funny personality, it seems like she was born to do pornography. She is obsessed with sex and is always open to trying new things whenever she gets the chance.  Fortunately, the porn industry can be the ideal place to unleash all her kinks and fantasies.  Being barely legal, she stood with many Czech girls who are similar to her in many ways---they’re all ready and excited to entertain the world.  Ever since the middle of 2019, she has been an active member of the porn community. And it looks like she didn’t waste time as she was really busy since her career started. In fact, she has already filmed almost 37 porn movies in just less than a year in the industry. That’s pure dedication right there, man! Marilyn has starred in hardcore, lesbian, and solo scenes. In the latter, you can usually see her using some sex toys. But still, I couldn’t deny that her fingers were her most powerful satisfaction tool during foreplay.  Her favorite adult toy is the vibrator, as she said it feels so good on her sensitive clit. She’s even using sex toys in her hardcore and lesbian performances. You know, for extra fun. I mean, nothing could go wrong with some toy fucking, right? She loves lesbian threesomes. The thought of three girls satisfying each other is taking her to climax.  Marilyn has worked with popular European actresses like Tiny Tina, Sofia Lee, Tina Kay, Mila Fox, Luna Corazon, Lady Dee, Lady Bug, Kate Rich, Claudia Macc, Charlie Red, Aubrey Black, Alexa Flexy, and Alexa Bold.  When it comes to girl on boy porno, she loves it hard. That’s exactly the reason why you may see her getting spanked, slapped, and choked in her films. She even enjoys being fucked by a sex toy while a huge cock is ravaging her.  One of Marilyn’s superpowers is she can give a fantastic and wet blowjob. She loves it a lot when cum is dripping down her pretty face.  On top of that, she’s one of the girls who love creampies and the libidinous feeling of a throbbing cock inside her vag. 

Marilyn Sugar’s sizzling hot pics

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Here’s my final say

Getting a daily dose of Marilyn can be a great idea. Hopefully, she’ll be an amazing companion for you tonight.