Marsha May

The porn industry is as competitive as any industry, there are thousands of pornstars who want to gain recognition, but it isn't easy. There is a lot involved in making one a recognized pornstar. Only the best porn actresses turn out to be stars.

The competition in this industry is so high that you have to show your unique skills before anyone notices you. Marsha May is one such talented pornstar. Let’s take a look at Marsha May’s porn career.

Who is Marsha May?

Marsha May is a professional porn actress born on January 23, 1995, in Miami, Florida. May is an American citizen with a British, Cuban and Italian descent. Marsha was raised in a decent, loving family in Miami. She is also known by other names like The Dragon Princess, Lil Peachy and Bibi Miami.

Like most pornstars, she discovered the dirty secrets at an early age. Marsha lost her virginity to her neighbor when she was in 8th grade. The guy who broke Marsha’s virginity had a huge dick. The sex was much so painful according to Marsha that she didn’t have sex for almost two years.

Marsha May

When she resumed sex, she slept with a lot of men. That was when she was between fifteen and nineteen. Marsha was a wild one from the very start. She used to sleep with lesbian girls from her school.

Marsha May has a lovely hot body with amazing tits, she weighs 95lbs and stands 150cm tall. Her weight and height are perfect measurements for a pornstar.

While still a teenager Marsha operated a fetish blog for her feet. The blog gained a lot of popularity. People started donating her money through the blog. She later quit the blog and focused on her career.

Marsha May’s Net Worth

Marsha May is one of the richest pornstars. According to various online sources, her net worth is around $70 million. She earned her wealth being a professional pornstar.

Marsha May's Porn Career

Marsha May had not considered being an adult movie actress, but her boyfriend used to tell her she could make a perfect pornstar. She didn’t take her boyfriend seriously, though. However, she decided to join the porn industry after her boyfriend cheated on her.

Marsha May

Marsha’s first act was in 2014 when she performed an explicit hardcore. She was nineteen at the time. Marsha May has since appeared in many adult scenes for Pure play media, Evil Angel, and Jules Jordan Video.

Marsha May is an incredible porn actress. She is lively and freaky at the same time. Marsha says being fucked brings out all the craziness inside her. She likes guys who talk dirty to her before giving her the dick. Marsha is such a kinky girl in one incident a guy urinated in her mouth, and she actually swallowed the urine.

Marsha May’s videos are distributed across many porn tubes. Her videos are thrilling and awesome. She is a crazy wild girl, and in most of her videos, she just can't get enough dick. Most of her videos receive high ratings and millions of views. Her videos are found in many categories such as anal, blowjob and even lesbian.

Marsha May’s Personal Life

One of the things Marsha loves the most is her body. She says she is comfortable with her body and skin. She likes being nude and prefers to stay that way even off-camera. Marsha is known to attend parties completely nude. She says with such an amazing body. She doesn't see the need for clothes.

Marsha likes masturbating. In fact, off-camera, she prefers masturbation to sex. She also used to masturbate on webcam to make some extra money.

When not masturbating, she likes getting high and going out for parties or shopping. Off-camera, she also likes hanging out with her friends.

Marsha May has some sexy tattoos on her body. The tattoos are spread across her body, on her thighs, left breast, on the shoulder and across the pelvis. Currently, Marsha May is retired.


Marsha May is a crazy freaky girl with real talent. Her videos are exciting, and you should consider jerking off to some of them. Her wild fantasies and weird fetishes make her a unique pornstar. Marsha May is one cock-hungry babe that doesn’t get enough, watching her videos will give you a whole new porn experience.  With her talent and wild fantasies, she was able to make a name for herself in the porn industry. She is definitely one of the best pornstars in the industry.