Sarai Keef Jerks off With a Chess Piece on Webcam

Sarai Keef

There are tons of gorgeous ladies in the industry, but if you want the hottest and sexiest, you may want to look into the Latina category.  Aside from having stunning figures and naturally tanned skin, they got the best curves you won’t find anywhere else — and I’m freaking serious.  On top of that, their wild attitude towards sex is unmatchable. When you see them perform, you’d get the impression they really enjoy getting fucked. They’re not pretending one bit which means they also don’t fake their orgasms.  These Latinas aren’t afraid to explore their sexuality and are willing to go to the deepest depths to discover new erotic ways to make themselves cum.  One of the most titillating bombshells in the industry today is Sarai Keef. She’s also known in other aliases such as Alex Allen, Busty Sarai, Alicia Rivers, and Alicia Allen.  She officially entered the porno world in 2014 and has never ceased to thrill porn fans since then.  Sarai was born on February 24, 1996, in Harvard, Illinois. She became well-known in the biz for her enormous natural breasts. 

Sarai Keef Inserts Chess Piece in Her Pussy

Do you love playing chess? If you do, then you might be surprised to know that some chess pieces have other functions.  In this vid, you’ll see Sarai pleasuring herself with a huge chess piece — specifically, The Bishop.  She licks it lustfully to make it wet and starts to thrust it in her hot Latina vajayjay! The curves of the chess piece must be giving her orgasmic sensations.  So, check out this naughty clip of Sarai while it still lasts!