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Ass to Mouth is a fetish where you derive sexual pleasure or satisfaction by fucking someone’s ass and after sexual completion, having the same individual clean your cock, or make you hard again by giving it a blow job.

What is Ass to Mouth Cam?

Ass to Mouth first appeared under BDSM, under the tag dominance. Back then, erotica manuscripts described this act as one of the ultimate shows of dominance between sexual partners.

As porn sites became prevalent, the show of ass fucking is more prevalent in M2M (men to men) or gay porn. Slowly, as the world became more open-minded, bisexuality and the third gender are being accepted into the society, ass fucking and giving blow jobs became the norm.

What was once a sexual taboo is now slowly becoming an act of sexual satisfaction-fetish.

Originally, the Ass to Mouth Act is found in porn videos. As the popularity of cam sites such as ichatonline, chaturbate, jerkmate, and more slowly rises, the development of Ass to Mouth Cam tags is becoming more accessible and common.

Live streaming, or live shows integrates this fetish and is now being live-streamed as a different subject.

Ass to Mouth Cam Review

The CoVid pandemic struck and most people can’t go to sex clubs or the red light district to let out steam. Most of them resorted to online porn videos. But for me, ordinary porn videos are too mundane and ordinary that I am craving something more!

Then I discovered cam sites. Cam sites give me the intimacy, that connection with the live streamer that porn videos lack. Sure, porn videos have their advantages, but for me, they serve as a last resort.
What stimulates me is being an active participant in sexual satisfaction- and cam sites offer that unique feature- chatting while masturbating. It gives me a sense of normalcy to fuck, or watch someone fuck themselves online. It’s like having long-distance sex with your partner.

In cam sites, there are many tags to cater to all fetishes today. One of them is Ass to Mouth Cam. Submissive (and adventurous) gals (I knew), cream in their pants or panties when hearing this tag. It is an ultimate expression of dominance.

Live models broadcast themselves being butt-fucked, even fucking their selves in the ass. It may not necessarily be a cock that fucks a gal. It may be their fingers, a toy or a strap-on.

It may not be one of my fetishes, but to those who like this will surely enjoy a cam site’s interpretation of this fetish.

You generally find a model or models (usually found in the anal section), tick all the filters that you want (Asian, ebony, petite, and so on), and check their profiles. Most cam sites have a page where you can find all active or live models.

A live session usually lasts from 30 minutes to more than an hour depending on the model and the viewers. So, if this is right up into your alley, you will surely enjoy the Ass to Mouth Cam.

Is an Ass to Mouth Cam Hygienic?

There are a lot of myths on the internet today about how dirty or how clean Ass to Mouth sex is. In Ass to Mouth Cam, models surely make preparations before doing this kind of work. One of them is an enema.

Also, although there is a risk of ingestion of fecal matter, as long as it is not your partner, or you don’t have any invasive organism in your rectum, the risk is surprisingly small. Models engaged in Ass to Mouth cam have preventive measures before engaging in this line of work. After all, health is wealth.

Ass to Mouth cam may be cringe-worthy for others, but for those whose fetish lies in this line, a new interactive way of indulging them is definitely a treat.