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When we say BBC, the first thing that comes into our mind is the British Broadcasting Channel, the one that gives us news and documentaries hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

But in the porn and smut industry, BBC refers to Big, Black Cock. This tag is very popular not only in interracial videos but also in role-playing and gangbang scenarios.

The Origin of BBC

Perhaps one of the most mythical tags of the porn industry is BBC or more commonly known as the Big Black Cock. This idea was given birth by authors (I won’t mention anyone specifically) who want to portray the colonization mindset and the racial division between the masters and the slaves.

The slaves at that time were portrayed as violent and needed to be whipped into submission. Today’s literature, however (including the portrayals or racial definition set by popular tv shows), is guilty of stereotyping.

The size of a man’s cock is said to affect the enjoyment of his partner. According to today’s view, the bigger the cock, the more dominant the man is and he has the authority to cuckold anyone.

Although the exact origin of BBC cannot be traced, we cannot deny that fetishes borne from BBC, are correlated to dominance, submission, and cuckolding.

However, according to studies, the size of the cock is not determined because of race. The size of the cock is mostly proportioned with a man’s body size. So, before you go and reject your boyfriend for not having a BBC, let me remind you that not all black guys have big cocks, so do not, and I repeat, do not assume that if somebody has an African American heritage, his schlong is big and long.

What is BBC Cam?

BBC cam, is a cam site tag that shows black men with thick bodies and veiny cocks dominating and fucking white women, black women, white men and more. It may also pertain to a big black dildo that is very abnormal in size and length.

The most popular pounding position is missionary, doggy, and a fuck fest in the wall. A lot of viewers also watch a model suck that BBC. You can even see the outline of the cock on the model’s throat if she deep throats her partner.

If a BBC is pounding a model, you can even see the bulge brought by the massive dick inside her.

It is very seldom that you can see a BBC, being submissive. Most of the live streams targeted under this tag are on domination (which, I think, is ironic because most black friends I know say that they are cringing when watching this type of porn or cam show).

BBC cam does live shows, show recordings, and cam-to-cam interaction that fulfills the fantasy of the viewers.

BBC Cam Review

Personally, I am into creampies, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from a white cock, a black cock or a Latino cock. Any cock works for me. But there is indeed a certain appeal in seeing a model’s twat being stretched and fucked by a big black guy.

Maybe it’s because of their excitement, their deep, growls, and sexy grunts, or the way they manhandle (and I say this without negative connotation), their partners to whatever position they wanted them nailed.

One of my favorite BBC fantasies is not cuckolding or any dominant stuff. What I like about BBC the most are their breeding videos or lives. It is so hot when the subject is very primal, so innate, and so intimate.

Despite the negative beginnings of this fetish, it is arguably one of the most sought-after and popular tags on the internet today.

Because of the situation today, we can only rely on the internet, porn sites, streaming services, and cam sites to relieve us from our stress and boredom.

BBC Cam site is one of the most popular cam tags in the porn industry today. The fantasies and myths revolving around black dicks are really one of the main reasons why horny gals flock to this cam tag.

For me, be it a myth or fact, BBC Cam is undeniably one of the ways we can reconnect and mingle without compromising our health and safety- so I say cheers to BBC!