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What is Big Ass as a Fetish

People who have a big ass fetish are attracted to those who have jiggly and bouncy behind. It may not be necessary to touch them, looking at a big ass makes them hard as wood.

Body stereotypes are prevalent nowadays. The perfect woman is often portrayed with unrealistic vital statistics, that is why our view of beauty is defined by trends. Having a Big ass and boobs is the epitome of being sexy or hot.

If you have these physical features, more often than not, you are being objectified, judged, and fantasized about. To achieve these unrealistic demands on a woman’s body, some even undergo surgery.

But where did Big Ass Fetish come from?

In the olden days, people often believed that having wide hips is sexy (some are still believing in this today), also it is very conducive to childbirth. Having a wide hip and a voluptuous or curvy body is a sign that you will get pregnant easily, or you will have an easy time giving birth.

Thus, it is more prevalent in men or those who want to procreate. Thus, our subconscious today still carries this preconceived notion.

What is Big Ass Cam?

Big Ass cam, is a tag in a cam site that shows a models’ live show, streaming, or recording. It may then be divided into subcategories just as shown in the picture. Some categories include big ass teens, big ass granny, and more!

Due to the pandemic, individuals working from home are going to cam and porn sites to relieve themselves of the stress and pressure. Cam sites and cam tags like Big Ass Cam are definitely one of the go-to sites for people nowadays.

Big Ass Cam Review

At first, I was hesitant in using cam sites as I’ve been spoiled by erotic literature. I have seen porn of course, but at this resolution (HD), it is hardly comparable. Big ass cam is just right for those who crave a bouncy ass to fantasize while fapping.

How does Big Ass work? You need to go to a cam site such as, Chaturbate, and more. Then, it will take you to the homepage of the site. On the homepage, you can automatically filter your choices by availability.

Some sites (not all) offer free chat rooms before you commit to them. Really, you can free-load on the live videos when you are in the room. Others have already given a preview of the live show or a recording of it.

Other sites may vary in presentation. Some sites give you information upon clicking on the model’s profile. Other models can give you a general idea of what the tag of a certain model is all about by hovering your mouse on a model’s profile. On the other hand, some sites compile bios of their models.

I went ahead and tried to view different cam sites and model live shows, and I noticed a pattern. The most popular act while doing cam live stream is spanking and anal sex.

Most men (including me) are really attracted to fucking a girl’s behind, especially if it’s soft, bouncy, and jiggly. An added bonus would be if the model’s skin is sensitive that it leaves a mark when spanked.

Nothing is hotter than leaving a sort of brand or mark on your model (although done virtually). The feeling of having sex cam to cam is a bit bizarre and unsettling(the live shows are okay because it’s like watching interactive porn).

Once I got used to having cam-to-cam jerking sessions, I never went back to good old porn, why? Because having cam-to-cam sex feels more intimate than watching (at least if you’re not a voyeur).

Overall, Big Ass cam, as a fetish and a feature tag of cam sites, will leave viewers cumming- rather, coming back for more, because of the intimacy and sense of normalcy that it provides viewers and models alike.