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Since ancient times, there has always been a fascination with big mammaries. It has been the focal point of infertility, erotica and often symbolizes birth.

So, it’s no surprise that one of the assets that men assess today are girls’ bouncy front bumpers. No matter where you are in the world, a big-breasted woman is consistently garnering some attention, one way or the other.
What is Big Boob as a Fetish
Paraphilia, also known as breast fetishism, is defined by Wikipedia as a highly atypical sexual interest consisting of an exclusive focus on female breasts, a type of partialism (or preference).

Some anthropologists also claim that breast fetish dates back to the neolithic era due to breast-shaped offerings to the goddess by the people of Catal Huyuk in modern-day Turkey. They presume that those offerings relate to motherhood.

Whatever the reason is, filmography often portrays females with big breasts, shown cleavage, and even skimpy upper clothing as desirable and sexual beings. And with everything being so mainstream today (as well as looser clothing restrictions), female assets usually shine.

What is Big Boob Cam?

Big Boob Cam is a cam site that promotes models who have big boobs. Their live stream often features sucking their breasts, fucking their breasts with a dildo (if they have no partner), and strip teasing with their breasts as the show’s focal point.

Users or viewers may find popular cam sites with specific tags for big boobs. After all, they are one of the tags that keep the ball rolling in this industry.

Big Boob Cam Review

Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a regular nerdy guy who has a high libido. I am usually not picky with whom, or what, I jerk off to. After all, I treat myself as an adult entertainer connoisseur, a purveyor of all things erotica so that I may tell you of the good news and the not-so-good news.

I first stumbled upon the Big Boob tag when I was just a horny teenager. I usually browse my brother’s leftover playboy and adult magazines. What boy doesn’t want to see big boobs and wet pussy? No one, right?

So, here came my enlightenment with the porn industry (back in middle grade) when I saw my brother’s CD’s version of a spank bank. I was in heaven back then, and the thumbnails really are a part of what attracts me the most.

I usually gravitate to big-breasted ladies, being fucked, choked, used, and cum upon. Furthermore, I would get so agitated at the bouncing, flapping breasts that I would wet my pants.

When I was a bit older (not gonna tell you my real age), the internet was very popular then. Porn sites and videos are not enough, so without much convincing needed, I tried cam sites.

At first, it was really not convenient to log in to a cam site. Before, these sites were filled with spawns of viruses. With the development of technology, cybersecurity is much more advanced, and data leaks are reduced to a minimum.

When the pandemic hit, I was often at home in my bachelor pad (or what I considered my parent’s attic to be one). I had no outlet to stress, so I went back to my pre-adulthood hobby of wanking.

I started to miss my friends, going to bars, parties, and concerts. I miss the feel of grinding into a girl’s ass and stolen kisses in the dark. Thus, I went with cam sites- I really miss the feeling of being connected (and social media is not enough since people are plastic and cannot be trusted).

Cam sites are an eye-opener, especially these big boob cam sites. My favorites are, Chaturbate, and LiveJasmine. It gave me the intimacy, the feeling of warmth that pandemic stole from me.

Big Breasted women are always what attracts me, call me out for having an Oedipus complex, but it always reminds me of cumming-I mean coming home. Of warmth and joy, and fruits, and melons, and balloons, and more!

Overall, Big Boob Cam as a tag, fetish, and wanking fantasy is legit. I would highly recommend Big Boob Cams for those who are seeking completion in their nightly masturbation.