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Medical Fetishes are becoming the trend nowadays. The most popular one is odontophobia or the fetish for sex involving teeth. Before, odontophobia was only categorized by biting or removing the teeth (dentures or fake teeth), but today, it also involves braces.

You can only imagine a  cute, sexy, and petite gal, in braids and braces. A little Lolita doll-like character of your fantasies. Who doesn’t get hard to think of these girls calling you onii-chan, big brother, or mister?

I’m sure no one would disagree with me when I say that this is one of your secret fantasies. 

What is a Braces Cam?

Braces  Cam describes a website or a blog hosting site that has live cam shows of models or adult entertainers that have dental braces fitted with them. They also have removable braces or have a prosthetic brace.

As a live streamer, it does not generally mean that an adult entertainer or model will perform sexual acts all the time. What the cam entails are chats (with the models), interactions (with the streamers), and live shows (be it with another performer or with a toy). They may also have a role-playing theme with them. Remember, it all depends on the models.

Are Braces Cam Safe for the Models?

Most models use prosthetic braces or removable braces, but those models with fitted braces ensure that they follow proper guidelines and care is being done in order to safely maintain the braces. The models also ensure that proper hygiene is being observed in order to protect themselves while pleasing their viewers.

So, do not worry, the models are safe while getting you hot and bothered.

Braces Cam Review

From biting to oral sex, there are a lot of fetishes developed by appreciating one’s mouth. There are also emerging medical fetishes that are not only bizarre but also gaining rapid popularity.

In aesthetics, aside from nylon stockings, or jewelry fetish, braces fetish are also involved. So, it is no wonder that the braces tag is one of the most popular cam site tags in the porn industry. 

When someone told me that there are braces fetish, I was really thinking that they are joking. So to prove to everyone whose mind spins like mine, here is a review about this kink.

I started by browsing porn sites about braces fetish, and I immediately garnered a lot of results. I went to my go-to fantasy, coming-of-age porn where girls are young and innocent-looking vixens. 

Then, after prepping myself for the inevitable, I dived into searching for braces cam sites. There are a lot of results. I was overwhelmed, frankly, because there were a lot of girls with braces doing live cam shows at that time. 

I don’t know what to choose, so, I hovered my mouse on top of a model profile to know what the model’s specialty is. I chose a relatively tame tag together with the braces tag, and that is an innocent girl with braces.

So, this model likes to act young and chat in a sweet and girly voice. She likes to send voice messages and has a wide smile, showing her dental braces perfectly. In one of our private chat sessions, I asked the model if the braces are fitted medically or is it an accessory. She told me that it is a removable brace, and she only uses it for live shows, and as a prop to further establish her persona as a young, innocent little lady.

So, I went with her, and the girl in the pigtails and braces knows how to turn up the temperature. She really is into a character all the time and sometimes, I really wish I could go inside my laptop and fuck her senseless.

Her expression, dressing, the way she talks and showcases herself is really enchanting. Did I cum? Definitely, and multiple times.

Are the braces a turn-on or turn-off for me? In my opinion, braces are part of her props, it added detail to her character. It is not a real turn-on for me, but it is not a turn-off either.

For those with braces kink, though, this model with a wide smile and sparkly colorful braces will surely make them hard (or wet).


Braces Cam, for me, is just another tag under role-play, but for those with a brace fetish, it may serve as their playground and spank bank fodder.