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If the term “femboy” makes your dick erect, I think you’ll like what this area has to offer. If you’re not interested in the topic of feminine boys, you might want to look at other subreddits instead.

Only the gorgeous boys that adore dressing feminine and performing all kinds of nonsense will be found here. How many of you are perplexed by the phrase “femboys” alone? I’m sure there are a few of you who are completely unfamiliar with these phrases, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some of us enjoy labeling everything, while others generally stick to the three most common terms: queer, hetero, and bisexual.

Femboys, on the other hand, are a little different, and I’ll explain why. Femboys is a slang term for cisgender guys who enjoy dressing femininely and acting femininely. Cisgender refers to a person who identifies with the gender with which they were born. The bulk of the society considers femboys to be ay merely because they frequently dress up as ladies and use cosmetics. So, please don’t be confused between a femboy and a shemale; because those two are totally different from each other.

Still, I believe we can all concur that the days of cosmetics and certain styles of clothing being reserved for ladies are long gone. Nowadays, you may find straight males who love the same thing. Many femboys are not even part of the LGBT community, notwithstanding their dress choices, so don’t assume anything unless the man has a dude connected to the hard cock pounding him.
What’s with these femboy fantasies?
Once you get here, expect lots of blonde dudes with a wig, taking selfies in the mirror. Aside from wigs, you can also see them in different cosplay attires and other sexy costumes such as obedient maid, naughty schoolgirl, or even spice things up a little with their matching cat ears and tails.

Some dudes here have given up cuteness for their hotter side–you’ll spot here some guys wearing seductive stockings while spreading their asses wide open. But for some, being hot isn’t enough so they decide to go wild!– You’ve certainly seen lots of gorgeous femboys on the internet, dressed as ladies flaunting their assets in a friendly attitude, although there are tons of performers that just like going all out. This simply implies that you’ll get to witness beautiful femboys displaying everything. Some will strip down to their underwear, while others will make you watch them as they reach orgasm (which is rampant in such platforms).

That’s true, there are plenty of guys who will put a wiener in their ass, typically an artificial one, and demonstrate to you how much they like jerking. Some guys will strip down to their underwear and show off their dicks, asses, and favorite toys… Others will dress in revealing underwear and tights, as well as other beautiful girly attire. I mean, it all relies on the imagery or whatever you happen to come across.
How good are these girly boys?
Registration to these sites is free, and you’ll get access to countless fantastic NSFW femboys. You’ll also gain the standard user rights, such as the ability to like and dislike the posts you enjoy or hate.

You may, as you might have imagined, become a contributor of these cam sites as well, which includes the ability to upload your own stuff. So, if you’re a femboy who enjoys taking explicit photographs, you may also want to share them on these networks.

Aside from that, you may talk with your favorite bitch boy and the rest of the community. They like having various conversations in the comments thread, and you are welcome to join them. With a little charge, you can send a private message to the femboy model. But just don’t expect that every femboy you’ll encounter will have the same response and attitude (or available for private sessions per se), because some of them are only out there to enjoy their moment as a performer.
Why you’ll enjoy watching femboy videos
So, do you like femboys or not? I’ve previously described just what you can expect from these guys, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you appreciate such stuff. This tag has a lot of active people that like to upload dirty femboy photos and stream themselves while wearing those lovely costumes, so you never know what kind of surprise they have for you.

You are invited to look around and see what fembot tag has to give. You’re more than welcome to search for whatever you’re looking for with that much stuff. Happy femboy scouting!