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The fetishes of men cannot be fathomed. One of these fetishes is a gaping hole made by complete relaxation of the anus or pussy.

Society today is very open and taboo topics just seem to be more accepted. What was once being kept in secret are now being flaunted. Thus, a lot of new fetishes are being born. One of those new fetishes is called “Gaping”.

What is a Gaping Fetish?

A “Gaping” fetish can be described as having intense attraction or sexual arousal with a widely-opened asshole or pussy.
Gaping happens when the muscles relax because it was used to being filled with a large object or being stretched. Usually, it occurs when an ass or pussy is fucked for too long by a big cock, a large dildo, or a large sex toy. There are also anal plugs and vaginal beads which have different sizes that can be inserted into the asshole or pussy.

Not only do female models engage in the Gaping sex play, some M2M or FTM models also participate in these shows.

What Is a Gaping Cam?

A Gaping cam is basically a cam site feature or tag that shows its adult entertainers or live casters having anal or pussy play with the purpose of enlargement, relaxation of muscle, and leaving behind a gaping hole (be it pussy or asshole). This tag can be found on its own or may sometimes be found under the Kinks tag, Anal Tag, Big Dick Tag, and More!
Cam sites usually like to filter their models by different tags to make sure that their viewers or users can easily use their site and find their chat rooms or ideal models and adult performers.

If you can remember before, we have those MSN and Yahoo Chat rooms back in the day. The chat rooms of these cam sites are structured the same and have more features. In these chat rooms, the models are the ones in control, and they reply to you when you chat with them while they are live. You have the option to make your conversation with the model private by clicking on a toggle icon or purchasing an exclusive chat option.

Gaping Cam Review

If you have a particular obsession with big dicks, reaming, anal plugs, dominance, and submission, then this cam review is for you! Most of the models engaging in Gaping Play are role players adept in BDSM.
I am very familiar with cam sites as I’ve surfed a few too many of them. I first came across the Gaping tag in late 2019 when I was watching porn featuring a DP of a petite Asian girl.

If you can notice, there are various tags on your porn video, and on that same video, a sub-tag is labeled as Gaping. I wondered what “gaping” was at that time. I thought it was a typographical error. But as the tag kept appearing or popping up, I became more curious.

I researched all about the tag and found that it is extreme sexual arousal when an orifice is stretched open- thus naming it a gaping fetish.

I guess it is one of my fetishes (albeit subconsciously). I really like the way that when the huge cock leaves a pussy or asshole, it would take a long time for the hole to close. I also like cum dripping out of those holes, thus, I often search for the creampie tag.

These subconscious thoughts of mine of overpowering fucking and leaving behind a gaping hole are being satisfied by this cam. Although you can chat with individual models, I really like to watch couples do it live.
A bonus point is that you can purchase command prompts (what you want your models to do) by using the site currency.
Although Creampie is my favorite cam and cam tag, Gaping is coming very close to second. As I’ve said, who doesn’t like to see cum flowing out of a girl’s asshole or cunt? No one, right?

Overall, I can say that Gaping Cam is one of my favorite Cam features or live shows to watch. It really makes me hard and makes me cum so much.