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There are certain preconceived notions for races nowadays. Those assumptions bleed into your personal life, like sexual preferences, experience, and even habits in bed.

As I’ve said, there are a lot of weird fetishes today with the loosening of taboo restrictions. There is one thing that starts it all from what I’ve observed- Curiosity.

Humans are curious beings, and we like to discover everything! What started as mere curiosity turns into admiration, a mere admiration turns into fanaticism, and then, over fanaticism leads to fetishes.

One trending fetish today is a German fetish. It may be that the person speaks German, it can also mean that he or she is wearing something related to Germany or it can just be her birth or place of residence.

As long as there is something German in them, a person with a German fetish (depending on the degree) will get aroused, sexual satisfaction, and sometimes hallucination.

What Is a German Cam?

A German cam is basically a cam site feature or tag that shows its adult entertainers or live casters speaking in German has Germany as a birthplace or identifies themselves as German.  This tag can be found on its own or may sometimes be found under the European tag.

Cam websites sometimes wish to filter their models by totally different tags to create certain divisions so that their viewers or users will have an easy time using their site.

If you can remember before, we have the MSN and Yahoo Chat rooms in the past. The chat rooms of these cam websites are programmed in the same way, and it has even more features. 

In these chat rooms, the models are the ones that are in control, and they reply to you when you chat with them while they are doing live shows.

Does a German Cam Model Speak English?

What the viewers or chat room users are worried about is communication. Although they’ve found their dream girl, what if they cannot understand them (or vise versa)?

There is no room for your worries ladies and gents, those who are engaged in German Cam can speak and communicate in English and German alike. So your fantasies of chatting up and cozying with a beautiful German gal are safe.

German Cam Review

I have never discovered German Cam before. What led me to use this was an app called Ablo. So, this is like a free chatting up, having pen pals all over the world kind of thing. I met this German guy and we clicked.

We each gave each other our WhatsApp number (stupid, I know), and things got heated (in more ways than one). And the next thing I know, I was having video sex with him. At first, he gave me the impression that he is very conservative and too shy to ask for sex. But when he gets going, you would wonder about how he kept it up.

The pandemic arrived and I went into hibernation, in my cabin. I was used to working at home, being a freelancer. I lost communication with that German guy (I guess we both grew tired of seeing each other’s faces).

I looked for German porn because I was craving those deep and sultry accents. I accidentally discovered a cam website. At first, I was just curious (I know, curiosity kills the cat, but whatever). I saw a tag for German, but I was disappointed when I saw girls.

What I didn’t realize at that time was that there are filters. The filters changed the playing field. I was like back at Ablo, making friends with the intention of cumming. I met so many German guys and chatted with them.

I mean, it costs a bomb to have a cam-to-cam session with them, so I opted for the cheaper option to fap. Chatting with those cute guys while they are doing their live show and beating my meat at the same time.

I had so much fun with the various cam sites but my favorites would be and I swear that these two sites are lit!

Overall, I can say that German Cam Sites satisfied my cravings from German Cock and my craving for online sex as well. If you’ve never tried German Cam before, you’ll surely never stop once you start.