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Mommy Cam — Your MILF (Mom I’d Like To Fuck) Dreams, Fulfilled

Since American Pie in 1995, the term MILF (or Mom I’d Like to Fuck) has become more popular. Since then, MILF fetish has been born.

Movies are one of the major influences in today’s age. A lot of what we can see in the movies can be rooted even in our subconscious. There are many fetishes born from watching movies, video clips, news, literature, and even social media.

One of these fetishes perpetuated by the media is the MILF or the Mom I’d Like to Fuck. This term was first used in American Pie, in a description of Stifler’s mom, back in 1999.

Mommy Obsession-the Facts

Before social media, there was literature. Everything that is written, is taken as a fact, or inspiration. In a study conducted by Dr. Sigmund Freud, he first mentioned the attraction (sexual in nature) of a child (of the opposite gender) to his mother and conned it into being Oedipus Complex. It is based on the Greek Mythological character Oedipus, who killed his father to marry his mother.

Today, the Oedipus complex describes a person who is attracted to older women, generally women ages 30 and above. Although American Pie started the craze, it was not enough to start the crazy obsession today. It was followed up by music, and more movies showing mothers (or adult entertainers)that they are attractive (or in other words, fuckable).

According to, the MILF obsession in the US is increasing yearly. With the statistic that was released about 5 years ago by, they stated that for the past five years (2012-2016), the rise in MILF obsession is a staggering 83 percent.

Other psychologists factor this rise to media influence, but more often than not, it is a factor of human’s obsession with the taboo.

What Is a Mommy Cam?

A Mommy cam is a cam site tag or feature or tab that shows its adult entertainers or live caster (women over 30s), doing live shows, live recording, and sexual acts while live casting.  This tag can be found on its own or may sometimes be found under the MILF tag.

Mommy Cam Review

In the past years, I look back and see that the porn industry is getting more common. Back in my days (oh, I feel so old now), we used to hide those Playboy magazines under our bed. Those porn videos can be disguised as movies and when we jerk off, we do it as if we’re ashamed of it. 

We used to set privacy settings or password protection to the folders which have porn videos. Even raunchy or bikini photos at that time can be considered porn. As the years go by, porn becomes more common, and fetishes become weirder and weirder.

I know, I may sound like an old fogey, but it is true. Although I like today’s accessibility, I like yesterday’s risqué attitude.

So, let’s go back to the topic, I was asked by my readers to react to Mommy Cams. And even though I detest doing it, I soldiered on for my readers. 

When I logged in to 3 different cam websites, I searched Mommy Cam, 2 of those websites generated a result while the other one suggested I go to their MILF tag. When I opened the tags, I was shocked (appalled more likely, remember, your man here is an old fogey).

So, it was a bit painful for me to write this up. I disregarded my colored lens and viewed it as a man. I mean, in my opinion, I was more attracted to live casters who are more 30-ish than those of my grandma’s age (no offense though).

If I ignore the fact that it was Mommy Porn Live, then, frankly, I enjoyed the heck out of it. I really like mature women who know what they like and have a take-charge attitude. 

I guess mature women have a certain charm to them (that attracts immature men like me). So, it’s not surprising that many are hooked on this fetish. Nevertheless, I’ll stick to my role-plays and leave the MILFS to the young ’uns. 

If I don’t take notice of the tag, or the fact that it is mommy porn, then Mommy Cam can be considered good or passable for me. As I’ve said, I like mature, take-charge women (but not one of my grandma’s age). So, I give Mommy Cam a seven out of ten ratings.