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Squirting is one of the most sensual and contentious behaviors in the porn industry. “Squirting?” you might be wondering. What’s the big deal about it if it’s not intense?” Well, the occurrence of female ejaculation has been a source of contention for generations and is likely to remain so for many more.

Female ejaculation, often known as “squirting,” is the discharge of liquid from a gland near a female’s urethra either during or before the climax. Squirting and female ejaculation, according to some studies, are two distinct entities, with the former linked to liquid originating partly from the bladder, implying that it also contains pee. Because of that, some people argue that squirting is equivalent to urinating. Since then, people have become obsessed with the argument whether a squirt is pure vagina fluid or just pee. The debate has become such a hot topic that it led to a more professional discussion in the medical field.
A brief history on squirting
In 2014, the British Board of Film Classification demanded that all squirting scenes in pornographic films be removed, saying that medical experts had proven that female ejaculation does not exist. This would imply that the women in these videos were just urinating during sex, which is illegal in the United Kingdom; a few years ago, a similar law was approved in Australia.

From all these theories and myths, sex is indeed crazy stuff. But who cares about the truth of squirting? All we know here is we’re thirsty for this horny fountain.
What these squirters have to offer
I hate to break it to you, but the only biological women (yes, those who are born with natural vags) can squirt. Aside from that, only a few of them could spray their juices.

Many people believe that female ejaculation, whether in the context of porn or not, is far more prevalent than it really is. While many men assume it is simple for a female to squirt when she achieves orgasm, only approximately 10% of them admit to doing so during sexual activity (varying on each survey).

Squirting is widespread on lesbian websites, which goes without saying. Two (or more) ladies touching each other’s bodies invariably results in pyrotechnics – or, more accurately, waterworks. This tag is an excellent place to go if you’re looking for anything lesbian or squirting. Not only you’ll see touching here but you’ll spot some of them using different toys to feed their libido. The chicks will excite themselves with vibrators and other devices before and even during intercourse, as is customary in many squirting cams . This is plainly to ensure that the girls are sufficiently stimulated to cause an extreme arousal that would make them wet the floor.
The squirting cam experience
Because female ejaculation comes from stimulating, it’s only natural that a tag dedicated to squirting would include a lot of masturbation.

What you’re about to see from these sites are quite intuitive: the girls converse with the camera/ audience before stripping down and masturbating. They also make fem-to fem content, which, to no one’s surprise, can get fairly steamy. Their work has a more realistic feel to them, which is likely owing to the fact that the productions are more amateur and created by women who are familiar with a woman’s anatomy.

The question remains, at the end of the day: Is squirting in erotica media real or fake? Because female ejaculation is less prevalent in real life than it appears in the adult industry, you have to wonder how likely it is that all of these women will squirt. And what are the possibilities that they’ll all squirt at the same time or in sync with their partner? Nevertheless, with so many other facets of entertainment, it’s all part of the fantasy. It may not be true in every case, or it may be overstated using other techniques. But, does it make a difference? All that counts is that you are viewing it and being thrilled by it.

The most key point to understand is that you can’t compare what you see on cam sites and what people are experiencing in real life; thus not every girl you have sex with will be squirting rivers. I do hope, though, that you are occasionally startled.
Why the juice is worth the squirt
Is squirting something you ‘ve always wanted to try? Is it a topic you’ve been fascinated with for a long time? That’s why we’ve created our assessments. No matter what classification it falls into, we list and assess the best of the greatest squirting cam sites. Our reviews simplify the process for you, allowing you to bypass the effort and get right to the fun part: watching these females live and jerk off to them as they work hard to make themselves squirt. So grab your umbrella because the downpour is about to begin!