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If you have watched Fifty Shades of Grey, then you’ll probably be familiar with the term BDSM, consensual sex, dominance and submission, and more.

Submission- a word full of negative connotations. But when it comes to the sexual context it can mean arousal, absolute abandonment, trust, and pleasure. There are a lot of submissives today (both men and women), privately living the lifestyle.

Submission does not imply that you have to be submissive to your dom outside the bedroom (or playroom). It doesn’t mean that you are a pushover. Sometimes, it means that the pressure is too much that you need to let go, and shoulder the responsibility (in your sexual life).

What is Submission as a Fetish

The earliest written record found regarding dominance and submission was in the 18th century (but the lifestyle probably existed before), and Kamasutra, described some form of sexual play related to this topic.

It is believed that the origin of Submission is linked together with dominance. Since Ancient times, sexual torture is used as a punishment and as a means to ascertain dominance over one’s subject.

Thus, the idea is carried out today, but not as a punishment, more of a role-play, a lifestyle, and a fetish.

There are different forms of being submissive in today’s society. One can be submissive by calling their dom, sir or madam, master or mistress, and more forms of master and slave sex play. Others can just be submissive in their bedroom (as I’ve said before).

In some cases, the partners can even switch from being submissive. Extreme submission can be described as being tied up, having a collar and a leash, or being in a cage.

The most important thing to remember in engaging in this lifestyle is consent. If a sub doesn’t consent to it, then it is abuse.

Are the Models Safe When They Engage in Submission Cam?

Just like everything else, every occupation carries a risk. There are sites that implore certain protocols regarding this sensitive role play, such as, having specific command prompts available which are in the green (or okay) with the model.

Remember, everything should be consensual, and the model has the right to refuse or use the safe word for any uncomfortable plays.

What is a Submission Cam?

Submission Cam is a descriptive word for a website or a blog site hosting live cam shows of models or adult entertainers that are submissive, role-playing to be submissive, and living as a submissive.

As a live caster, it does not generally mean that a model will perform sexual acts all the time. What the cam entails are chats, interactions, and live shows (be it with another performer or with a toy).

Submission Cam does not necessarily have its own tag on some sites. It may be found under the BDSM tag.

Submission Cam Review

So, this review may come off as an informative article, but I want to put emphasis on the safety guidelines in this lifestyle. If you cannot put basic respect, and cannot be trusted, then it is better off to go play somewhere else. The most important rule in submissive or submission play is consent and a clear boundary of what the no-go areas are.

After being long-winded about the boundaries, let us talk about the Submission Cam, as a cam tag or a feature. First, when I searched about submission cam, all it generated were videos and tutorials about thesis submission.

You need to really go on the cam site, search the tags or the filters before you can find this specific cam tag. I am a bit relieved because most of the (prominent) cam sites have this tag as role-playing or cam recording.

If they do live shows or chat, the models know how to set boundaries without aggravating their doms. I also like that some cam sites have a specific command prompt menu, where viewers can buy model-approved command prompts, that don’t make them uncomfortable.

I believe that we need to be responsible wankers. I always want that when I receive pleasure, I should also reciprocate. So, every time I go to these types of sites, I always make sure to know my models by chatting them up, knowing their turn on, and more.

My idea is that cumming together is more enjoyable than beating your meat alone.

Overall, Submission Cam, (although not my fetish), is great. It offers doms an outlet while giving pleasure to subs. Not only does it offer pleasure, but it also educates non-practitioners about the lifestyle.