Chatzy Review

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It is no longer that common to hear about chat rooms at the period of Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat and dating sites such as OkCupid and Twitter. But somehow, Chatzy wants to continue the tradition of chat rooms. Given that, let us take a good look at, what it is and what is its main features. What makes it stand out among the many social media sites, dating sites, apps and everything else.



Chatzy’s objective is to sell private chat rooms. Upon logging in, the first thing that you will see is a form that you have to fill up. Fill in your name, your email address and the topic you want to talk about. Click on the button below that says “create my chat” and your room will be created.

The Main Features

Once your room has been created, you will see the main features that you must explore to feel the chat room and see the features that are free. Some features might require you to register. Nonetheless, here are Chatzy’s main options. First, the options that will appear before you sign up.

 The options are Start Quick Chat, Create Virtual Room, My Rooms, Find More Rooms, Chatzy FAQ, Chatzy Blog, Send Feedback, Emoji Library, Chat Commands, Hosted Rooms, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

On the other hand, the options will change if you signup and the following options will appear on the left side of the page.

They would change into My Preferences, My Messages, Leave Room, Room Actions, Invite/Share, Visitors List, Review Mode, Save/Print, Find Messages, Commands, and Help/FAQ.


A Closer Look At the FAQ

 It seems that many netizens who have stumbled upon this chat site have shown certain confusion regarding the functions and objectives of the website. Such questions are addressed in the frequently asked questions or FAQs.

 The main objective of the website is to create private chat rooms for people who view your blog and website.

Unless you send an invitation, the chat room that you may have created can and will remain empty.

There are also the options of Quick Chats and Virtual Chats. The FAQ explains what makes them different from each other.

The quick chat allows you to send private messages without regulating the chat room and send out invitations. You cannot specify passwords and room properties.

The virtual rooms have more options you can ask for email addresses and passwords in order for people to enter your chat room and even disable certain features.

Virtual Rooms also give the option to allow or disallow a person from entering your chat room with the “Allow to Enter” option.

The options are you cannot ban a user, you can confirm the email addresses of users, you can confirm registered users.

What Makes It Different From Other Websites?

On the other hand, has a lot of features that could delineate itself from other sites.

They have features such as Skins which serve as wallpapers, similar to the days of AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

Chatzy can also be used as a blog and as a message board.

Taking advantage of their premium features will give you access to unlimited chat lists,  access to read and send private messages, an unlimited number of visitors and no time outs.

What makes the chat room stand out is you can start a private chat room with anyone by sending an email and its not exclusive to a specific app or social media page.

Feedback From Other Websites

Nonetheless, Chatzy has been reviewed by other websites and a recent December 2019 review was done by The website stated that the pitfalls of the site are it doesn’t have an app and it can be too user-friendly and unless you’re a premium user, you cannot ban or disallow people from entering your chat room. Nonetheless, the review promotes the website for it being easy to use and it does not require any registration. It also said that the site has a good mobile version despite it not having an app. In Other Media

Members of have access to their blog where they can be aware of website and feature updates. However, has also maintained its presence on various social media platforms. maintains its presence on Twitter. maintains its presence on Facebook with a link to its official website. has many tutorial videos on YouTube.


Summary stands on its own like a coworking space for freelancers. It’s user-friendly, accessible and convenient. See for yourself.