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When you’re not sure which dating site works best for what you’re looking for, may be the place to get an answer. For those that are into the no strings attached, sex only hookup, this is one way to sift through all the fluff to find the NSA web site that suits your needs. isn’t a dating site in itself – it’s a doorway to a whole collection of pages that all feature both short term hook-ups and longer term sex only relationships. Create your free account!

Program Features

Rather than a single web site designed for no strings attached dating, is a series of questions designed to help you locate the best site for your hookup needs. Taking into account aspects such as age, STD status, safe sex styles, and geographical location, determines which no strings attached dating site is best for you. Once receives your answers and location, it immediately provides you with a dating web site. After you’ve joined their suggested site, it’s just a matter of seeking out those singles and making your own connection.

Benefits takes out the hassle of sifting through pages of Google results, trying to find the perfect hook-up site for you. Not only does this save you time, it also saves you from joining a site, finding out it’s not what you really want, then having to join another one. The page itself is basic and easy to load – even on tablets.’s questions are simple, fast to get through, and won’t have you hung up on one answer over another. is also available in over a dozen languages.

Pricing and Fees

You can use at completely no cost. They don’t require any sort of age verifications, which means no trial payments or one-time credit card use. The only time that you’ll be charged a fee is by the individual sites that are suggested by – and the majority of those have free options as well.


Since specializes in the type of site designed for no strings attached connections, it really isn’t for singles looking to find long term romantic partners. The site does it’s best to narrow down the best website to join, but you still need to determine which specific members you’d like to contact on your own.

Bottom Line

Forget spending time on Google sifting through hundreds of no strings attached dating sites. will use the information you provide them to connect you with singles in your area that fit what you’re searching for. This isn’t for those romantic connections – is for the fella looking for a one night stand or a no strings attached arrangement. The easy to use interface will have you to the right sex-only dating site in moments, setting you up for a great night or an even greater weekend.