Chatropolis Review

Chatropolis Review

Some pornographic websites are contributing to the resurgence of the chat rooms all over the internet. Some are not. Because they have never really left. Overview and a Little Bit of History Chatropolis is an adult chat platform provider that’s been around for quite a while. Actually, there’s a wide variety of topics here as well as chat rooms to pick and a great opportunity to meet another person that’s also interesting and fun. Chatropolis

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  • Rooms
  • User List
  • Join Now
  • Members
  • A Look At Major Features: The Room And The Rules
Logging in and being a member will enable you to be part of more than one room. Here are a few of their many chat rooms.
  • Amateur Forum
  • Analopolis
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Call Me?
  • Celeb Flesh
  • Gang Bang
  • MILF Madness
  • Office Seduction
  • Sexy Toons
  • Sugar Daddy
  • The Orgy
  • The Pros
Chatropolis Rooms 1) Some interesting choices. As this is an avenue full of other people’s chat room concepts and topics, the subject can be very extensive and wide-ranging. So it means that you can also discover some interesting, strange and extraordinary topics on this site. 2) You can create your own room. Now, this is fun. You could make, modify and even moderate your own chat room—complete with your own rules and policies that all participants should comply with. This is a one of a kind inclusion that allows chatters to personalize their own chat experience and a great way to gain a following.

The Cons

1) Nothing much going on, really.

Yes, sad but true. Overall, Chatropolis is a site that lacks activity. They lack members and participants. And even those present are fairly not the chatty type—what an irony. Also, numerous spur-of-the-moment triple-X uploaded pictures are kind of useless—they do not compel several flows of conversation.

2) You have to pay in order to chat.

Ok, let me get this straight; yes, you can actually browse for free. Chatropolis Join But then again, your chats would simply go to waste within the chat rooms—till you pay to become a member. Even though admittedly, upgrading will not make you break the bank, just like some other adult chat sites. But still, that can turn people off from proceeding with Chatropolis. Nonetheless, clicking on the chatroom must mean that you agree with their terms of service and will comply with their rules.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you are below 18.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you are engaging in Child Pornography and Child Erotica.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you are into Underaged Roleplay
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you’re engaging in activities that can be considered Incestuous or acts of rape.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you are engaging in bestiality or zoophilia.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you have an offensive name.
  • You cannot be a Chatropolis member if you are being a cyberbully.
  • Chatropolis finds it unacceptable when a member is soliciting.
  • Chatropolis finds it unacceptable if a moderator is impersonated.
  • Chatropolis finds it unacceptable if chatter is being rude or inappropriate to a moderator.

Chatropolis is Actually a Shocking Sausagefest!

What do I mean when I say sausagefest? Well, it simply means that there are plenty of men than women in this on this chat room site! (Sausage= dick= men) Aha. It’s raining men indeed. So all you women out there, hear ye! Hear ye! This is now your time to surge this site. This is quite a rarity in the adult chat sites community. Usually, what happens is that women are really populating an adult site, so a feast for the hungry and horny men out there. On the other hand, we have this Chatropolis, doing the opposite.


Even though Chatropolis has its great benefits such as the capacity to make your own room, with your own rules and even moderate and modify its own features, (plus add the fact that you can have your own avatar and color scheme is an exceedingly awesome feature) still, the site has its flaws as no site is ever perfect. The website is very cluttered, when you first land on its page, you don’t even know where to start. And its interface is already outmoded. But perhaps you can say that the level of pacing is boring and on the low side. You may be wondering that this chat site has fairly quiet users. But this is good news for females because most of the participants are men. So it still has its good points.

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