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The trend of dating sites has reached a higher peak with CooMeet

Finally, men who are looking for a chat with single women have a better way to connect. We’ve had the dating sites. We’ve swiped left and right with OkCupid and Tinder. But with CooMeet, they have videos and nothing but videos.

For those who are tired of getting a match and being ignored. For all those who are tired of getting a match and being seen without any reply or seen zoned. For those who are tired of being scammed by fake pictures of obscure pictures. Enough of that. CooMeet focuses on video dating and even has a tagline that says “Verified Girls” in the upper right corner of the page.

Once you are able to access the CooMeet webpage, you are given two options. The Messages option and the Video Chat option. The next thing you have to do is click on the Video Chat option and of course, make sure that you have access to a webcam. You must take note that you have to be 18 and above to view this site and you are not allowed to share email addresses and links to other websites, including Facebook accounts. For free viewers, the only option is searching for videos and short video chats. A woman you end up chatting within CooMeet can indeed send you a message. On a side note, you can access CooMeet in different languages. English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.

Coomeet Review - Free Option

But let’s talk more about the video chatting option. Once your webcam is loaded, you can see your face and you will be able to see a rectangular green button that says “Start Searching”. Once you view someone’s video, you will be given two options. The End Chat option and the next option. While watching the video, you can also have a chat with the woman whose video you are viewing. Unfortunately, that is where the free option ends. A prolonged chat will lead to a pause where you are asked to join the CooMeet Premium. If not, you have to wait for a few minutes until you will return to searching for more videos. This means that if you have chatted with someone, you will not get to finish it. Nonetheless, they can send you some private messages which will appear on your Message option. But you cannot view them unless you join Premium and the messages that you cannot read will be deleted.

From a marketing and entrepreneurial perspective, this is a very good move. CooMeet doesn’t seem to want any competition and they want viewers to stay with them. From a viewer or customer perspective, they can make use of premiums if they want to and the rates are rather reasonable. Ironically, CooMeet can be accessed through other websites but the same rules and regulations as the official page will apply.

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What to do with Coomeet:

• You have to Go to CooMeet
• You will have to sign up.
• You will have to discover the two options that will appear. These options are the Video Chat option and the Messages option
• You will have to click on the Video Chat option. Having a webcam is required.
• You must be 18 and above.
• You have to remember that it is highly discouraged to share an email address to the chatters.
• You have to remember that it is highly discouraged to share to links to other pages
• Nonetheless, you can chat with the use of these languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.

The Video Chat Option

• You must remember that viewing is free. But chatting requires Premium
• You must remember that once the webcam shows your face, below is “Start Searching Button”
• You must remember that a prolonged chat will lead to a waiting period where the viewer will be told to wait for a few minutes before they can continue searching
• You must remember that messages from other video chatters can be sent to you through the Messages option
• Nonetheless, you must remember that you cannot reply to them unless you signup for CooMeet Premium

Coomeet Features

Our opinion on CooMeet

Given all those, I think it’s enough to discover what CooMeet has. There is no such thing as a perfect site, that can apply to pornographic sites and video chat sites as well. Still, CooMeet is an innovation. No more bad matches. No more chats that will be left ignored. The videos are there for selection and the actions are right in front of you. See for yourself.