Hottest Asian Pornstars of 2020 – Top Asian Pornstars

Honey Gold

Can we just all agree that Asians are the hottest? Their exotic features just fit our pornographic desires. The sex drive of Asian pornstars is unparalleled. Whether it's Asian cam girls or porn actresses, it’s amazing how their overflowing sex drive fits such petite bodies. We just love their raging hormones that’s why we made a list of the top Asian Pornstars of 2020 Feast your eyes folks!

Asa Akira

Asa Akira Asa Akira is arguably the most popular Asian porn names right now. She’s benefited a lot from the bigger Asian names of the past starting to lay low. She’s well done all over. Her boobs, her butt, but the beauty is pure and her sex scenes are completely legit! The most amazing thing about Asa is the things she's willing to put herself into for our viewing pleasure. That’s why she’s a personal favorite of so many. She’s also probably what brought outsiders to Asian porn more often.

Honey Gold

Honey Gold This Honey is another crowd drawer and her sex scenes are good as GOLD! You’ll often find this young Asian honey as the horny stepdaughter or stepsister who just likes to have sex with a relative not related by blood. She’s simply that irresistible. What probably makes this Asian girl hot is the ink on her skin. It’s badass but at the same time, she can still cave into sexual desires. Since some consider her a lighter shade of ebony, her sex drive makes this Blasian beauty a good performer in bed. Talk about getting the best of both worlds.

Brenna Sparks

Brenna Sparks Another hot Asian with a badass tattoo? Check! Brenna Sparks looks like a combination of all the good things we want in an Asian hottie. We’ll probably give her a slight edge over Asa and Honey when it comes to pulling off the exotic features. In her four years in the industry, Brenna has starred in several videos of all kinds. She doesn’t hesitate to even have multiple girls come into play. Gotta love that chiseled jaw too!

Jade Kush

Jade Kush Jade is one of China’s precious stones and Jade Kush is one of America’s precious Asian pornstars! Born in China, Jade decided that the west is a better place to put such beauty to good use. She’s also one of the more famous ones in the Asian category. She started doing porn when she was 19 but it looks like she hasn’t aged a bit through years of being banged. Jade is still young though and has lots of potentials. Count on her to live up to it once she earns legit veteran status.

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Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka The first thing you’ll think of when you see Hitomi Tanaka is her BOOBS! We can’t blame you as her natural glands are literally her biggest asset. You’ll be like a sinking motorboat if you find yourself drowning in those jugs. Hitomi’s works are mostly in Japanese AV so we don’t really know the status of that pussy. Good thing she has two Mount Fujis for boobs for us to stay interested. Even just half her body can beat any full-body shot from her rivals.

Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei Kaylani Lei is a staple of high-end amateur porn vids but you can consider her a pro in performance. Seriously, what’s with exotic Asians with tattoos? It seems like almost everyone has them but only a few can pull them off like this Singapore slinger. Her holes beg to be fucked and her performances leave us begging for more. Leave it to Kaylani to make you stick to Asian porn for a longer time.

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee Sharon Lee does not only have a common Asian surname but also performances that make the Asian niche so popular. Call her a Chinese Maria Ozawa as she’s half-Chinese, half-French with a Southern Californian tan. Big boobs, big butt, and a small mouth big enough for blow jobs justify the comparison even more. She may be choosing her scenes lately but she definitely won’t let you down with her choices.

Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee Jayden Lee deserves more credit for her works. Talent always rises to the top and we sure notice it. You surely have come across one of her works in the past. Maybe even fapped to it without realizing it. It’s one of my personal favorite boobs on this list which complements her smoking hot bod. Looking at those vital stats is enough to give dudes a boner. Talk about hot oriental food for the eyes!

Alina Li

Alina Li Alina Li may not have the vital stats but her overcompensation when it comes to performances are worth the lesser juice. Alina is one of the hottest Asian porn stars because of said performances. That explains why such a petite Asian makes most hot Asian pornstar lists. Not a lot of sexy Asian pornstars come from China. She’s pure Chinese which gives us a complete Asian flavor in her videos. Didn’t we mention how good she plays with the man stick?

Ava Devine

Ava Devine The second woman on this list that will make you go “damn boobs!” Ava Devine’s freakishly huge tits justify how freaky she could get for sex. She’s on the cougar/MILF territory but her sex drive is still youthful. Ava runs her own brand now which makes herself her own boss. Her craft makes her look like one of the best Asian cam girls when she's not doing porn But you can still boss her around though because the demand will still come from her followers.

Lucy Thai

Lucy Thai Lucy Thai is probably the most authentic Southeast Asian pornstar. You’ll be surprised that despite looking like a youthful petite Asian woman, she’s actually a MILF and performs like one too! Her tiny body can take multiple big dicks too! She can give smooth blowjobs and won’t hesitate to do anal for your viewing pleasure. Lucy has got award-winning performances which probably has led to many appreciating Thai girls more.

May Thai

may thai What a witty name by naming this Asian porn star after Thailand's national sport. May Thai may be petite but she fucks like a sex rascal. She's also made quite a number of scenes despite being fairly young. Even the more experienced models envy this petite Thai girl. She might not have jaw-dropping vital stats but we are willing to bet you will want to snack on this Thailander. Just give her a few years and she'll be one of the most popular pornstars in Asia.

Jessica Bangkok

Jessica Bangkok How come she’s named Jessica Bangkok when she's actually a Filipina-Guamian with a blue passport? Well, for one, Filipinas and Thais share pretty much the same features. Her vital stats speak the same too and her performances can make a testimony as well. Jessica can do it all. She can go lesbo or fuck herself with a dildo and we haven’t talked about her heterosexual performances yet. This, we will leave for you to search for.