Let Ethan Chase Sweep You off Your Feet!

Ethan Chase nude

Is it just me, or male pornstars aren’t getting the same amount of attention like their female counterparts? I’ve been to many porn sites, and I noticed that most of their articles are about sexy bombshells with luscious pussies. It’s quite rare to see blogs featuring dudes with their gigantic penises and lustful bumholes.  So, perhaps it’s about time to show them a little appreciation. After all, those mouth-watering actions won’t be possible without them.

I mean, it’d never be the same without those handsome faces gracing our screens. And without their enormous wangs, we won’t be hearing the screams of pleasure of naughty vixens.  Not to mention that the gay porno category would be non-existent without these pervy gods! That’s why I’m going to start focusing the spotlight on Ethan Chase — one of the hottest men in the gay porn business. He’s a freaking sex-machine, which means you might not want to miss out on his erotic performances.  Before you continue reading this article, you might want to prepare yourself for what’s cumming. Your precious eyes might not have seen a guy as perfectly sculpted as he is!

Cum and let’s get to know Ethan better — our one-way ticket to gay sex paradise!

  • Born: November 16
  • Birthplace: 
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
  • Penis Size: 7.5

A total hottie who’ll sweep you off your feet

Ethan was born on the 16th of November. I searched through the Web, but I didn’t find any details about the year and place he was born.  But I’m pretty sure about one thing: he’s Caucasian.And in my opinion, this cutie might be in his mid-20s or late 20s. Well, his exact age doesn’t really matter right now, does it? All we want to know is whether he can make our masturbation sessions saucier. Still, I’m hoping that Ethan would be sharing more about himself in the near future.

Going back, this gorgeous dude is 5’7” tall and weighs 150 lbs. His eyes are blue and apparently one of his best assets. I mean, a lot of people love blue-eyed boys, right? He also got shiny brown hair you might want to get between your fingers the moment you lay your eyes on him. Once you see him naked, you might get the impression he’s born to perform. He’s meant to fuck and get fucked in front of the camera and make horny individuals like us cum hard! If you’re wondering about the size of his penis, it’s 7.5” long — huge enough to satisfy his on-screen partners, regardless of their genders!

Ethan doesn’t have any tattoos on his body, and I’m unsure if he’s planning to get one in the future.  However, it looks like he’s into body art because he got a piercing on his right nipple. Ahh… it might be charming to see his partner play with it. What I really like about Ethan is his well-sculpted physique and six-pack abs — a sight that’d make people drool all over the place!

I think it’s also worth noting that this cutie is a power bottom. This means he enjoys being the dominant one in the bedroom.

I’m not sure if he’s willing to have sex with lovely ladies, but I noticed most of his porn movies belong to the boy/boy category.

When it comes to sexual positions, Ethan is pretty versatile. He can do all kinds of tricks to ensure his partner is also enjoying all the love he deserves. But according to him, he doesn’t have a particular favorite. Maybe he just likes fucking so much that the position doesn’t matter. You know, as long as it’s making all parties satisfied, then just bang away!

Geeky but kinky is hot

I’ve searched all over the internet but couldn’t find any details about Ethan’s official porn debut. Therefore, I don’t have the faintest idea of when he entered the business.  But, if we’re going to look at his earliest sex scenes, most of them were released in 2017. So, apparently, he joined the porno world in that same year.  With his incredible performances, every film he starred in should be added to your must-watch list. And if you’re a big fan of gay porn, you might want to add Ethan to your favorite gay pornstars’ list as well.

Do you wanna see how good he is in the bedroom? If you do, then you may want to check out the following titles: The Gay Office’s “SuPERVisor” and Drill My Hole’s “Breakfast Club: A Gay XXX Parody.” Both of these films have two parts, which means you’ll be cumming multiple times before you’re done binge-watching. They were released in July and August 2017.  But, wait… even though those scenes got two parts, you might still need more to spice up your solo sex sesh. In that case, you can watch Say Uncle’s “Magic Movie Night” with Gabriel Clark and William Moore, Lucas Entertainment’s “Begging for Raw Cock: Scene 2” with Dylan James, and Men At Play’s “Secret Gentlemen’s Club” with Dale Kuda.

You can also add to your must-see list Ethan’s porn movies with Breed Me Raw. Some titles worth checking out are “Ethan Fucks Elias” with Elias Otter, “Romeo and Ethan” with Romeo Davis, and “Ethan, Edward, and Felix” with Edward Terrant and Felix O’Dair. Those scenes are freaking crazy that you might want to watch them over and over again.  However, before you play those porn movies on repeat, you might want to check out the following MASQULIN films first: “The April Fool” with Beau Reed, Manuel Skye, and Drew Dixon, “Pulled Over” with Pietro Duarte and Damon Heart, “The Four Doors Part 3: Voyeur” with Adam Awbride and Franky Maloney, and “Live For Christmas” with Manuel Skye, Teddy Torres, Ace Quinn, and Rocky Vallarta.

And that’s it! There’s still more where they came from, but I guess I’d let you discover them yourself!

So, if I were you, I’d bookmark this article, so I can quickly get back to it when I need some recommendation on what to watch during lonely and horny nights.

Here’s my final say

Did you love this article about our featured gay pornstar, Ethan Chase? I hope you did, as there’ll be more content like this soon!