Hot Stripper Marco Bianchi Will Do It All For You!

Gay guys like strippers as much as straight guys love hookers. Stripping is something Marco Bianchi specializes in. He wanted to be a pornstar so he created a path of his own. Channeling his sexual fantasies and the fact that gay guys come in young and horny packages made him the stripper-Esque guy he is right now. You already get that vibe on the onset. More so when you see him actually strip. Good thing he has a good wild side to him. Otherwise, he's going to be that creepy gay guy you'd love to punch for jumping on you. Even the straight guys might fall for his charm. It's impossible not to love him especially when you see his innocent-looking face do what he does in his videos. In fact, Marco has already starred alongside multiple porn stars such as Alex Montenegro, Gabriel Clark, Ryan Bones, Manual Skye. That's a portfolio worth mentioning before we dig deeper into this Canadian matinee. How about we talk about what makes Marco the hot male he is?

Marco Bianchi Biography

We know about Marco's charms but what else does this Canadian sweet face bring? Here's a bit of info that will surely make you check your compatibility with him even more.
  • Birthday: January 12, 1996
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Tattoos: Chain on upper chest; Right pectoral; Left pectoral; “Tears dry on their own” on right side of upper abdomen; Various small tattoos across right arm; Under left biceps; Inside left forearm; Upper right thigh
  • Piercings: Right nostril; Nipples

Marco Bianchi's Naughtiest Photos

[modula id="2921"] Marco has surely tickled your gay fantasies already. He already looks gay at first look. Not to judge any nation but don't Canadian men have such charm of those boyish looks that could be mistaken as gay? Well, for Marco, it comes as something natural because he puts those looks to good use. It's sort of a boy meets dick kind of thing when Marco Bianchi plays. You've just seen the gallery that proves such.

Marco Bianchi Video

You already know what Marco is all about. How about seeing him in action in some hot gay porn snips? The gay guys might be jerking off already or playing with their sex toys for all we know. Who couldn't resist a Marco Bianchi? He can really take it well from behind and you can pop it on his back like sunscreen after pounding his bottom. He even swallows more than he spits for all we know. The best part about this is that he likes to tease first with his cock before somebody gives it to him. Expect to see a lot of him especially since gay porn is pretty much a small world. It would be nice to see him team up with a Brent Corrigan someday.

Marco Bianchi on Social Media

Haven't gotten enough of Marco? Be closer to what's on his mind as you connect with him on his socials. It's guaranteed that you won't regret it. Marco Bianchi on Twitter