Ryan Jacobs is Passionate Temptation To The Eyes

Ryan Jacobs

You probably heard of Ryan Jacobs already. Yes, that guy who’s one of the new faces that define passionate temptation!

Don’t let the newness fool you though. Ryan knows what he’s doing and he will charm you out of your senses if you think one bit that he’s an innocent guy who experimented with a mustache.

Even the straight guys can’t help but admire his charm. It’s a sight that you wouldn’t mind staring at for extended periods. How come? Good question.

Ryan is one of the brightest young stars in gay porn. With youth comes enthusiasm as he isn’t afraid to try something new for his fans. It’s all about the hottest gay action to him.

Good thing age is still on his side because he is able enough to do the things he has previously done all so well. That includes bareback action, ass licking, and Doggystyle to name the subtle things.

Now maybe its time we dwell more on this gentleman.

Ryan Jacobs Biography

How hot is Ryan Jacobs really? It’s better if you be the judge based on the vital stats in front of you right now.

  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Dick Size: 8-inch dick (cut)
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 165lbs

Ryan Jacobs Nude Pics

Our buildup alone at the beginning of this bio is already getting you all excited to see what else Ryan has to offer. Well, here are some of his hot photos that are all over the internet if you Google his name with XXX in the end.

Ryan’s best photos can only be found in this gallery which has semi-nudes because he doesn’t bear anything more on the facade. At least we got an idea of how his dick looks like without watching his videos.

Of course, we already know what it looks like. It’s more for the benefit of those who haven’t heard of this young stud.

Ryan Jacobs Hot Sex Video

How about we see how Ryan Jacobs is in action? Well, here is one sex video with another gay guy in which he shares a passionate moment.

How do two gay guys look like when they’re rooming together and wake up with morning wood? An action this early that is hotter than the morning sun. This short has all the passion you need from a gay partner.

Don’t you wish your boyfriend is as hot as Ryan? Maybe you’ll need to see the full videos to get a full extent of what Ryan can do in front of the camera.

At least we gave you an idea here already.

Ryan Jacobs on Social Media

If you want more of Ryan Jacobs, be sure to follow him on his socials because the video alone isn’t enough to satisfy your urges for gay porn. It’s time to go and hit that follow button now.

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