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Handsome Princes are all over the internet, especially on porn and cam sites. And it looks like I found the most charming one. He goes by the name Thyle Knoxx. I don't think I've ever seen a hunk as hot and sexy like him. There are so many exciting genres in the porn industry — and I find that fact overwhelming. I mean, it’s quite hard to find a niche that’d bring all the goodies you need for an orgasmic night.  Recently, I noticed there’s a lot of noise coming from the gay porn industry. The demand for this category is drastically increasing throughout the years. And being the curious person I’ve always been, I checked what the commotion is all about. 

  • Born: November 19, 1990
  • Birthplace: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
  • Penis Size: 8”
To my surprise, I was greeted by tons of gorgeous gay models. They’re all oozing with undeniable sex appeal that I was not able to resist their charms. I felt like they’d never let me leave the site if I don’t cum for them. Of course, I know they’ll never know, but my pervy soul will always be haunting me if I don’t follow my erotic instincts.  I couldn’t believe that a genre as fantastic as this exists. My fascination quickly turned into an obsession, and I know there’s no way out. I’d be hooked into the gay porno world for as long as I have an active libido.  I believe you guys would feel the same, regardless of your sexual orientation. So if I were you, I’d prepare myself for a saucy night.  Oh, wait — it looks like I forgot to tell you who the main star of this article is. I got so carried away, and I apologize.  So, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to Thyle Knoxx, the true representation of gay perfection.  Now, let’s hop into the rabbit hole and discover all your deepest kinks and fantasies. 

Thyle’s personal life 

If you’ve been browsing the gay porn niche for quite a while now, then you might have encountered the name Thyle Knoxx.  Like other pornstars in the biz, this gay cutie also has an exciting life story.  He was born on the 19th of November 1990 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and named “Taylor Nason.” This hunk is very passionate about pornography, and he has been working as a gay porn actor, webcam model, and adult performer.  If you’re wondering, his star sign is Scorpio.  When you first set your eyes on Thyle, you might be mesmerized by his thick black hair and pretty blue eyes. You might be wishing that you’re living in a fairytale so he can be your handsome Prince.  With his sensual magnetism, you might not be able to stop yourself from masturbating right then and there. I mean, I don’t think the horniness you feel can wait — it’s just begging to explode! Thyle got a lean body and a huge wang the size of 8” —wow! If only private parts can talk, they’d be asking to be filled with that monster-sized gem. I think you’d like him more when you know he wants to keep everything neat. I’m talking about his armpits and pubic areas. He makes sure to keep those parts of his body neatly trimmed. He even shaves his butthole regularly. You know, to ensure an incredible anal experience for him and his partner.  However, there’s one part of his bod that he doesn’t trim nor shave — his chest hair! That’d surely add to the tingling sensation while making out.

Thyle’s adult filming career

This hottie made his official porn debut in 2017. And since then, he never failed to thrill porn fans and critics alike.  He started in the biz as a webcam model and eventually transitioned into a professional gay pornstar.  He has already worked with various porn production studios like Cocky Boys, Dudes in Public, WhyNotBi, Falcon Studios, MASQULIN, Bromo, BadPuppy, Dad Creep, Raging Stallion, Missionary Boys, Himeros TV, Men At Play,, and Bareback That Hole.  Although he’s quite famous in the porn filming industry, people are still looking out for his saucy Chaturbate live shows. His fans always make sure to stay updated with his camming schedules.  What’s impressive about Thyle is his willingness to experiment and try new things. According to him, he’s interested in exploring his sexuality with men, trans, couples, and even women. It looks like we might see him banging some wet pussies in the future — and that’s pretty exciting! In the bedroom, this hunk can perform lots of sexual acts. He can do dildo plays, vaginal sex, rimming, kissing, close-up, fellatio, creampie, ass gaping, facial, cum eating, ass fingering, blowjob, and masturbation.  When it comes to shooting b/b films, Thyle prefers deep throats, bottom creampie, top bareback, interracial, and bottom bareback.  Anyway, I checked out his Chaturbate bio and found out he’s a self-proclaimed exhibitionist. It seems like he finds pleasure in flaunting his pink ass hole and yummylicious cocky cock. 

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Thyle Knoxx is gonna bring you to gaylandia tonight — enjoy!