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Most of our understanding of Anal sex today is that it came from homosexuals or an act done by gay men. However, this form of achieving sexual gratification is so much more than just bending down or doggy style.

Anal Sex on History

One of the most infamous histories tied to Anal Sex is probably the thousands of sets of pottery unearthed in Peru. The Moche Pottery became famous overnight over sexual anthropologists as they feature lots of people engaging in anal sex.

Most anthropologists believe that these may be forms of either contraception or a show of power. Others theorized that this belief is somewhat similar to the people of modern-day Sambia. They believe that semen (yes, your cum) is an important life force.

Another historical presence of anal sex is located in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. In this text, it is said that sodomy or act of anal sex is taboo because it hinders procreation and the mode of animal fornication.

That is why, most conservatives today, view anal sex as disgusting or taboo.

The spread of historical information, further studies, and loosening of restrictions made way for sexual exploration. People nowadays are free to indulge in their sexual orientation.

Anal Sex Cam

Cam Sites are getting increasingly popular nowadays. It has gone a long way since JenniCam back in 1996, where it was just a random college girl broadcasting her college life (with no filter, including her sexual exploits), 24/7 all over the internet.

Today, most cam sites do not only cater to live broadcasts, they support chat and live recordings as well.

Why are cam sites so popular?

Cam sites are getting their popularity, especially during the pandemic. People tend to crave intimacy, a connection with their fellow human beings. Sure, porn videos are convenient, you can download them and wank online, but is it satisfactory? Is it enough?

Most cam site users are usually those that work from home. Before, you can leave all the stress and worries in the office, but right now (especially in the red list countries), work means working from home- it is also synonymous with stress at home.

Cam sites, take beating your meat to a new level! Usually, a cam site offers a variety of tags to its viewers in order to fulfill their sexual fantasies. One of the most popular cam tags today is Anal Sex.

Perhaps the word taboo is a stimulant. A switch inside our brain that makes adrenaline and blood rush to our sexual organs. At first, when you hear anal sex, you deny it, there is a certain revulsion inside you because you grew up hearing that it is taboo.

Right now, about 75% of the population ages 15-44 yrs old in the US engage or have tried anal sex. The proclivity of doing it increases with age, so it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular tags on cum- I mean cam sites.

For me, I like a good old-fashioned creampie, but seeing those butt muscles work out like there’s no tomorrow, or seeing those pink and tight sphincters, clenching is definitely hot.

Anal Cam Sex, is one of the best ways to make you feel that you’re in the moment. A way for you to join and be a part of someone (literally).

Why is Anal Sex Cam so Popular?

The emergence of the BDSM genre gave way to more taboo topics to be discussed openly. One of them is Anal Sex and porn videos. Be it you’re a voyeur or an active enthusiast of the scene, there are two main reasons why Anal Sex Cam is so popular;

First, it is the head rush or adrenaline rush that you get when you do the taboo,
And lastly, it is the intoxicating feeling of being dominant (or submissive)

For those with a strict upbringing, anal sex cam is their way to fulfill their fantasy (without being judged or discovered). Others may say that this way, they can replicate the usual feeling of domination that they can’t get now that they are at home.

Anal Sex Cams and sites are a surefire way to indulge in your anal fetish in the comfort of home.