Benjamin Blue Will Charm You With His Baby Blues

Now listen up here's a story about a Blue guy that lives in a blue world. And All-day and all night all you want to see is Blue, like him inside and outside. He's so Benjamin Blue! This gay newcomer in the adult entertainment industry will give you good vibes like you're singing that da ba dee song especially when he flails his genitals. That's what we like about gay guys and Benjamin Blue just loves doing it in front of the camera. Good thing he's fairly new so the passion element in his scenes is still there.

Benjamin Blue Bio

Canadians have the handsome features that we look for in gay porn stars. How about we take a look at what makes a guy like Benjamin Blue so sexy?
  • Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Languages: Bilingual in English and French
  • Dick: Uncut

Benjamin Blue Wild Photos

Photos are good. Benjamin sure knows how to pose as all gay men should. Just tell him what to do and he would. Did you notice the rhyme there? That's how good Benjamin Blue is in front of the camera with a cock close to his mouth. Less talk, more show now as we give you some of his wild photos. [modula id="2572"]

Benjamin Blue Dick-Riding Video

Canadians are known for their boyish good looks. Benjamin Blue put it to good use and the gay community agrees. They are definitely going to say more once they've seen Benjamin's dick-riding videos. As much as he's good with jerking off alone, nothing beats doing it with another gay guy. It gives the others out there ideas of what they can do when they meet their like. How about we now watch what Benjamin Blue is doing here? For sure you're already curious. [video width="640" height="360" mp4="https:///"][/video] via RedGIFs Benjamin surely wants to give you a whole peek into his anal video where he shows you how blue the ass will be the next day if you do anal with him. Maybe he calls himself blue because of his ass too? Either way, you'll see how intimate Benjamin gets whenever he fucks another guy. Consider it some form of stress relief since he won't hesitate to fill you in.

Benjamin Blue on Social Media

This sexy adult newcomer is definitely someone you need to watch out for! If you agree – say Aye! Benjamin Blue on Twitter Benjamin Blue on OnlyFans