DirtyRoulette Review

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  • Free to chat
  • No registration needed
  • Allows video cams

From chat to anonymous chat, now let’s look at Dirtyroulette.com. All you need to do is to turn on your webcam and start swiping and searching. No need to create an account. Yes, you got that right. This means that you can stay anonymous as you can and people do not really have to know your real identity. Dirtyroulette really wants to keep things simple for their users, and they are a no-frills kind of service provider. That’s why they also stay true to their tagline, “Random free live chat with strangers”. So yes, you remain a stranger to the one you are chatting with.


Registration Unnecessary

As already mentioned above, registration is not needed. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to create a username. See how they keep things easy and simple here? Want to try this site out? Sure, simply give permission to Dirtyroulette to access and then activate your webcam, microphone, and voila! You can now enjoy chatting live with random strangers anywhere and everywhere!

Now, this site lets you connect with random individuals from across the universe just by using webcams. Chats happen in casual one on one settings, and that enables you to proceed to the next person or you may also choose to monopolize the one that caught your fancy as well.

Let’s see what are the best things about Dirtyroulette

Well, aside from staying anonymous, here are a couple of other advantages of the site as compared to their competitors:

1. Totally Free

Ah yes...this is probably their best feature to date. Dirtyroulette’s service permits users to view EVEN private shows without paying. They could experience what it’s like to have some dirty chats during their one-on-one video interactions via chat with strangers.

2. Impressive site design

The creators obviously took their time in making sure that their website is really well-put-together with a streamlined layout so that it is easier for users to navigate.

So how about the not so attractive features of Dirtyroulette?


1. Lots of men in their naked glory

Uh-huh. Yes, we have seen this site and its plethora of men in the nude. I don’t know if this is a bad thing for some, but if you are eagerly waiting for lots of luscious females to be acquainted with, then this site may disappoint you.

But on the other hand, if you are the type to revel at the breathtaking sights of the heavenly bodies of the macho gender, then this will be a feast of a site for you.

2. Not too exciting

In connection with number 1, if you want to be connected to numerous shirtless, half-naked males, then this is a thrilling treat for you. But then again, if not, then you will get bored with this fast.

The Site’s Customer Service

Dirtyroulette boasts of a fairly comprehensive lineup of their FAQs if you need some quick responses to your questions. As for anything else not covered on their Frequently Asked Questions, you can check out their Contact Page to reach their site owners. There, you need to include your name, subject line, email address and more importantly, your message as to why you contacted them in the first place. After that, simply click send and wait for their reply.

Their Desktop and Mobile Responsiveness

Dirtyroulette is one of the few chat sites which permits its users to view live cameras on their mobile gadgets for free. And it does not matter if one is utilizing a tablet or a smartphone, they can still connect on the go easily.

That is why you would never fear that you are missing out on some great happenings to entertain yourself with all the hot nude males' cam action and some racy and appetizing sex chat! But be warned though: it is not advisable to take this kind of behavior to places you frequently go to such as supermarkets, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, movie houses, restaurants, and gasp--to the churches.


Though Dirtyroulette possesses amazing site design and layout that is extremely easy to use and navigate, still, it is not high on our favored list of adult chat rooms. Oh yes, I almost forgot that their cam footage could indeed be amusing at times, so that’s another plus factor.


But all in all, their service offers very little that is not keeping us entertained for a long time. Not to mention that there is a huge lack of choices or extra features and also, its level of customer service is really not that good.