XLoveCam Review

XLoveCam is the place to go whenever you want to live out those dirty thoughts online. Just be aware of your own gender though.

Sorry to burst your bubble this early but there are a lot of trans guys, gay male cam guys, and couples here too! It isn't just your typical cam girl site where you feel like you're watching a JOI video.

At least XLoveCam still has a lot to offer other than gender diversity. Good thing IChatOnline is here to save your day again as we talk about this cam site. Hope you are ready for what we are about to say.

Let's start cutting to the chase now, shall we?

Landing on XLoveCam

You'll be met by a popup prompting you to register to the site. Some hard-sell they offer because you are going to need it anyway to top up and pay for shows with the credits you buy. At least registration is free with no hidden fees. Just tricky upsells.

Anyway, the site looks like there's a ton of passion to it. It has a clean and organized interface that shows you right away who is online and who are the popular ones.

Of course, it's not all selfishness as the site also has a social responsibility to offer free nudity. That's the porn model's discretion though because they know their way around the business.

Just make sure you support some streams even if they aren't in HD. At least you can help them upgrade their stuff for better performances. In fact, you will have to select hundreds of them performing at the same time. It can get pretty hard looking for "the one."

One of the few things that we liked about landing on the site is the variety we saw. There's no discrimination as to what type of models are to be featured. Just like me who felt like doing curvy today so I did.

Easy cam girl search

It is easy to search for a cam model I fancy. I simply sorted through some stuff and looked for the top curvy cam girls on the site. I wanted one fairly young with a little shape on that excess weight and I got it.

All I did is search by their cam rank to filter out the best performers of the bunch. While I didn't base mine on votes or the number of fans they have, I was able to select an underrated one who will surely make it big here if she continues to stream.

You can take a look at the plethora of categories on the site as well depending on what you want. MILFs are pretty popular so as the anal streams. There are gay and trans cam models here as well so what do you expect, right?

The best part is you can specify that fetish to the size of their private parts to eye color if you want. Not all sites boast such specified searches.

The XLoveCam experience

I already said I felt like doing curvy and so I did. I chose this one who was surely going to be absolutely stunning whether she is petite or a BBW. For sure, her good looks is going to carry over when she turns into a MILF.

That said, she was very lively and bubbly in her stream. She even shouted me out a few times just because I stayed with her. That's some good loyalty there. I wanted to share her name here but I also want to be fair with the other models. It's easy to look for her anyway because her beauty stands out among BBWs.

One good perk for this site is you get to control the sex toys they use. VIP members have exclusive access to this which will surely tempt you to buy more tokens. Just imagine what else they can do when you pay more.

Still, watching such streams is better than watching porn because the action is more intimate when they are alone and showing you their sexual deeds. Everything is directed to the viewer instead of a fellow pornstar.

Just be prepared to handle the heat of the raunchiness of the situation.

What else did we like?

What else is good about this site? We liked the fact that each girl has their own bio. It's a good way too to get to know your favorite cam model. They flock in for all regions that sometimes there's a language barrier even if the performances are good.

Still, the fact that the site was able to hit a lot of fantasies of ours is a good selling point already. We don't see much negatives on this site because it seems like it's been meticulously detailed to give its members a good value for their money.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you get to see when the models last logged in. You can familiarize yourself with their usual timeslots so you can be the first to view them whenever she goes live.

Again, just be aware of the word "free" because it's only limited to the registration process. It's easy to get lost in the sauce too because there is no session timer. You might receive a bill shock especially if you usually view private shows. The more popular the model, the more expensive you have to pay.

It's a small issue that should be on the viewer's end of discretion rather than the site owners though. Just keep in mind that you're dealing with pros here.

Final thoughts on XLoveCams

What are our parting words on XLoveCam? We pretty much sold you already on the fact that you need to create a free account asap. We were forced to since the popup shows upon landing. It's also a means to top up your virtual currency to enjoy the privates.

Some people might think the site is pretty much a swindler too because of the upsell and the lack of stream time. Maybe it's a system glitch they will fix soon but for now, just be mindful of your stream time.

Overall, we loved XLoveCam a lot. It is a fantastic site that gives people the best live adult cam experience possible. The fact that the site is designed the way it is means the owners take the time and effort to give you that.

We might not be able to rank it among the elite though unless they fix the glitch that seems like a scam. At least we have the other positives that overpower the one negative it has.

Are you waiting for your thumbs up or seal of approval? We won't blurt it out straight up but maybe you already know what we have to say about it.